Tuesday, March 8, 2016

West Virginia Gets Constitutional Carry, Over the Governor's Veto

According to BearingArms.com, West Virginia has become the eighth State to adopt Constitutional Carry. Residents aged 18-21 must still obtain permits, but those over 21 may now carry, not a prohibited person, without a permit. Congratulations.

This is what I had hoped for in every State, but feared I would never see it in my lifetime, and may not see it where I live.  But it is good to see it elsewhere.  Criminals carry, and are unconcerned whether they have a permission slip from the government or not.  Why, then, should law abiding citizens have to jump through hoops, and pay fees to be able to do what their criminal opponent does with impunity?

The bill also includes a $50 tax credit for receiving training.  $50 isn't a lot, but it does cover the cost of a 100 round value pack of .45s, so it helps.  Even with training it took me a long time to get down my holster, belt, and method of carry, and to practice my draw (which still needs work.) So, I encourage anyone thinking of carrying under the new rules to seek training and become proficient.  That said, it is really up to you, the adult, responsible, gun owner to seek out and take the training you can afford, that fits with your priorities, and can be of most benefit to you.

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