Saturday, March 26, 2016

NC Legislature does the right thing

After reading this article, I was reminded of the gay activist (I don't know his name) I heard protesting the passage in the North Carolina legislature of a bill that would take away the ability of cities like Charlotte to pass ordinances that make it legal for so called transgender men to enter and use the women's bathrooms in public places like restaurants. He said something to the effect that the "transgendered were our friends and neighbors, and deserved equal rights." Of course, anyone looking at this definition of equal rights can see that they have turned the term into its very opposite. What they have now is equal. Men go to the Men's bathroom, women go to the Womens's bathroom. What they want are special rights, rights the rest of us do not have, because they are special, and different, and...well just special.  They also want to destroy the culture,  Because of rage over their own alienation for society, they want to burn the entire edifice down.

Let me tell you, pal, the entire world is filled with people who have a fundamentally spiritual illness, that manifests itself in all sorts of perverse ways.  Your particular way of manifesting that sickness is no different in kind from mine, or, indeed anyone's.  It is why He came into the world and took upon Himself the role of the sacrificial Lamb, that He might reconcile man to Himself.  Too many who need Him desperately despise Him.  I will pray for you, that you come to know Him, and repent.

Anyone with half a brain can see where this was going, and it wasn't good.  Pedophiles and rapists would have hung out in the women's room waiting for their prey.  Since it was legal to do so, no body could stop them.  No mother in her right mind would have allowed their girls to go to the women's room alone..  Indeed, most women would lose the convenience of women's rest rooms because of fears of exactly the things I mentioned.  The legislature has done right by the people of North Carolina, The City Council of Charlotte should be ashamed of themselves.  

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