Thursday, March 10, 2016

More on the Genocide of Christians in the Middle East

Katie Pavlich has an article over at on the continuing genocide of Christians in the Middle East and the efforts to get the Obama Administration to officially acknowledge it as "genocide." The article can be found at We Must Act: Time Running Out to Stop the Christian Genocide in Syria and Iraq. Before ISIS, the region had 1.5 million Christians in a number of communities. Today, estimates are that 250,000 still survive. Actually, before Muhammad, the region was majority Christian. These people still speak the ancient Aramaic that Jesus spoke. The communities go back almost 2000 years. These people are carrying on the tradition of the Good News first brought to them shortly after the Crucifixion, that Jesus came to save the entire world from its sins by his death on the cross, and subsequent resurrection. Katie writes:
“As many governments, legislative bodies, non-governmental organizations, and world leaders have already concluded, the available evidence demonstrates that ISIS’s actions rise to the level of genocide. Furthermore, we understand that recent information received from on-the-ground interviews in the region and other sources establishes without question that ISIS is committing genocide and makes clear that claims that it is offering jizya or dhimmi status are a publicity stunt or extortion payments that pervert these classical terms,” states the letter written by Andrews Kurths LPP and submitted on behalf of The Philos Project, The American Mesopotamian Organization, The Assyrian Aid Society of America and The Iraqi Christian Relief Council.
“The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (“Genocide Convention”) prohibits the intentional destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic or religious group by, inter alia, killing members of the group, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, or deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction,” the letter continues. “Publicly available information strongly suggests that ISIS is subjecting Assyrian and other Iraqi and Syrian Christians living in areas under the control of ISIS to genocidal conditions. ISIS purportedly offers the Assyrian Christians three options: (1) convert to Islam, (2) assume dhimmi status and pay an associated jizya tax, or (3) leave the territory. The facts suggest that, in reality, there is no choice. Those who refuse or are otherwise unable to comply are executed, and in many instances the option of paying the jizya tax is not made available. The evidence therefore suggests that the jizya tax is not a real option and may be just a pretext to justify ISIS’s atrocities. That ISIS purports to permit Assyrian Christians to pay a jizya tax to avoid conversion, execution, or displacement does not preclude a finding that ISIS’s persecution of such Christians violates the Genocide Convention.”
For those who think this doesn't matter, I ask you to think a little broader than that. Right now, ISIS, which claims to be the new Caliphate, the new leader of all Muslims everywhere, is executing Christians and other religious minorities as fast as they can. Barack Obama plans, indeed wants Syrian refugees to come to America. His reasons can only be speculated upon, but we can expect that 13% of the "refugees" will be trained jihadis and will carry out rapes, executions, and generally create as much havoc as possible. They will also convert as many as possible, until they reach numbers that allow them to put in place Sharia law, replacing our Constitutional laws. The process may take a generation, so imagine your daughters and grand daughters wearing burkas, not being able to drive, and, like they do in Saudi Arabia. As with any enemy, we either fight them there, or we fight them here. Or, we surrender now and give up our freedoms and liberties. Islam has no tradition of unalienable rights.  Instead, it has obligations, duties, and specific pieties that must be observed.  Your children and grand children will not have a choice to be Christian or not.  Only Muslims.  You decide.

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