Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The "Religion of Peace" strikes again

Townhall.com is reporting that Fr. Tom Uzhunallil was crucified on Good Friday.  You can find the brief post at this tipsheet by Christine Rouselle. Ms. Rouselle also reports that there are some who still believe the kidnapped priest is alive.

I noticed again another COEXIST bumper sticker on yet another car. The ignorance such sentiments represents leaves me astounded. The only religion on the "coexist" list that can not coexist is the first one: Islam. The god to whom Muslims give their allegiance is not the God, the Creator of the Universe and of everything that is and is not, the Almighty, Omnicient, One who, loving mankind so much, He decided that He, Himself must pay the price to reconcile sinful man with Himself. Therefore, He came into the world to die on the cross, and rise again on the third day.  This is the good news, the Gospel.

Christianity is a proselytizing religion, precisely because the Good News must be shared with everyone!  It can not be contained!  Telling someone you love (and we should love everyone) is in itself an act of love.  Christianity spread throughout the ancient world by simply convincing people of the Truth of these claims.  In the first 300 years after the Crucifixion, the Middle East had become majority Christian without bloodshed.  It was not until Constantine declared Christianity to legal, along with other religions it should be noted, the Church unwisely made its unholy alliance with Government.   Constantine, in his role as Emperor, was more concerned that disputes over religion did not erupt into open warfare, and so settled a number of claims in support of the Orthodox Church.

Islam came along around 300 years after Constantine.  Unlike the Bible, which was written down over the course of 1500 years, but tells a surprisingly consistent story, the Koran was written by one man, and reflects his growing impatience that so many rejected his claims.  At first, he expressed many sentiments which seem similar to Christian and Jewish morality.  But as time went on, and the people rejected him, he turns ever more to criminality and murder to get his way.  Eventually, his armies swept out of Arabia, and brutally conquered the largely Christian Middle East and North Africa.  Today's Islamic terrorists are following in the footsteps of this delusional man.  Today, as in the ancient Roman empire, Christians are being martyred for simply practicing their faith.

Islam, through the example of its prophet, condones raids on competing businesses (as long as they aren't Muslim), the taking of sexual slaves (as long as they aren't Muslim), pedophilia, and murder.  Except that they do.  The Muslim claim that they do not have prostitution is belied by the fact that a Muslim man can walk into houses of unmarried girls, select and marry his victim, have sex, and divorce her all in the space of an hour.  And it is legal!  Only in the most technical reading of the law would anyone come up with such a notion, and what must be the mindset of those who would conceive of such a thing?

What happens if, God forbid, the entire world does become Muslim, just as they desire?  Will there then be peace?  Not likely, because while the Muslims seem to be able to kill, there isn't much else they produce.  We extract the oil under Arabia, and pay them royalties for it.  We make the weapons they use against us.   Indeed, the fruits of innovation and technology that led to the industrial revolution, that led to, as Bernie Sanders deplores, 25 kinds of under arm deodorant, is a direct outgrowth of Christian thought and morality, and worldview.  In this you will find the quote:
According to Alfred North Whitehead and J. Robert Oppenheimer, both renowned philosophers and scientists of our era (but not Christians themselves), modern science was born out of the Christian world view. Whitehead said that Christianity is the "mother of science" because of the insistence on the rationality of God.[1] Entomologist Stanley Beck,though not a Christian himself, acknowledged the corner-stone premises of science which the Judeo-Christian world view offers: "The first of the unprovable premises on which science has been based is the belief that the world is real and the human mind is capable of knowing its real nature. The second and best-known postulate underlying the structure of scientific knowledge is that of cause and effect. The third basic scientific premise is that nature is unified."[2] In other words, the epistemological foundation of technology has been the Judeo-Christian world view presented in the Bible.
Islam will never bring peace, because it was designed from the start to justify war, criminality and misery.  It can not coexist, because it offers nothing but hate, And hate is ultimately self destructive.  It is said that darkness is the absence of light, and that evil is the absence of good.  It God is good, and wants nothing but good things for us, then what is Islam?

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