Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Be Prepared

Bob Owens reacts to the news that Hillary Clinton goes scot free right after the FBI Director Comey laid out her guilt for all the world to see over at Bearing Arms entitled When the Rule of Law No Longer Matters, It's Time to Gun Up. Ownes is justifiably outraged. Others I have talked to are similarly outraged, as if they honestly believed it would turn out any other way. I am not so outraged. I have known the Democrat party has become, maybe always was, a criminal organization. If any of the prosecutors who famously prosecuted the mafia under RICO statutes had any integrity, they would be prosecuting Democrat officials across the country (and not a few Republican officials as well.)

But, Owens outrage aside, his point is still well made.  Jesus said in Luke, that any of his now apostles who do not have a sword, should sell their cloak and buy one.  Today that translates as anyone who does not have a gun should sell whatever he needs to and buy one, and 1000 rounds of ammunition to go with it.  No, I am not advocating revolution.  Rather what I am saying is you will need it for self defense in the coming months and years.  When no one respects the law, anarchy is sure to reign.  Be prepared is my motto.

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