Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Having found freedom in Christ, I will not be returned to slavery

First, I want to highlight some changes to the reading file to make it more relevant.  I have eliminated a number of blogs in the file that have gone dark, and not posted in a year or more.  However I have added the  The Armed Lutheran to the list. The Armed Lutheran is a member of an ELCA congregation. ELCA stands for, as he says, "Every Liberal Cause in America." That's a joke, don't you know, but seriously, it stands for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He brings in Lutheran pastors to he radio program to explain things from a moral perspective. Self defense is truly a right and a duty from God. But at the same time, revenge is God's place, not man's.  As in the Lord's prayer, it helps to know your place in the universe.

Next up is a piece from the American Thinker today by Michael N. Mattia entitled The Second Amendment is the First Domino in the Toppling of the Bill of Rights Please go read all of it. Read it? Good. The theory explained in this short essay is the reason I place so much emphasis on Second Amendment rights. I actually want ALL the rights listed in the Constitution.  But I recognized early on that in order to fully strip us of our rights, they would have to nullify the Second Amendment first.
Forty years ago, when I first became involved with guns and gun rights in a serious way, the saying was that if the outlawed guns, only outlaws would have guns, meaning that the powers that be would turn law abiding citizens into outlaws.  Because when, ever, has it gone well for a group of people to give up their weapons?  Eventually, someone enslaves those people.  The "conversation" has been going on since before that time, and came to a temporary conclusion with the Heller and McDonald decisions. The "Progressives" (read Communist, Socialists, Fascists, Neomarxists, etc.) having resoundingly lost the debate, now wish to pretend it never happened and start all over again.

Well, I say, NO!  No, you can't have them.  Like Charlton Heston I say "From My Cold Dead Hands."  Having found freedom in Christ, I will not be returned to slavery.  And that is what the Progressives are aiming at.

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