Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Only Rights Someone Else Need to Respect Are The Ones YOU are Willing to Defend

The Daily Caller has the poop on the deliberate bait and switch know as gun control here. The video is the work of undercover members of Project Veritas. This is, of course, of a piece with the leaked DNC e-mails, the Clinton private server e-mails, etc. etc. etc.

Do not doubt that if Hillary is elected, she will do her best to nullify the Second Amendment.  Of course, that does not me she will take away your right to bear arms, for no one can take that away but our Creator.  But it is a right she will no longer have to respect.  Remember that the only rights someone else needs to respect are the ones YOU are willing to defend.  

Then there is this. Bill Whittle may be right, that maybe now Bernie supporters will be more sympathetic...nah. They are too self absorbed at the moment to feel anything for anyone else. But if it makes them feel better, I feel for them, I really do.  Such betrayal is difficult to stomach.

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