Friday, July 22, 2016

On voting for Trump

I was talking to another conservative last evening, and consoled her with the idea that Cruz is not finished, that we have not heard the last of him.  I likened Cruz to Winston Churchill, and noted that when Ted's time comes, the country will call him to great service.  Oddly enough, today I read that C. Edmund Wright had the same thoughts in an article entitled Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz over at the American Thinker. wright starts off stating his thesis:
The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz's actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment. On the second point, let's not quibble over who seduced whom.
He then spends several paragraphs comparing the conventional wisdom of the era to what actually happened, noting the the conventional wisdom got it mostly wrong, before making this point:
First, about this whole notion of political suicide: I thought what we were looking for was someone willing to put truth ahead of career expediency and the next election cycle. I obviously misjudged what some of you wanted.
Frankly, I was shocked at the way so many otherwise conservative people went all in for Trump. It seems that having someone on the national stage speaking what was on their minds was more important than having someone dependable to actually, you know, treat the Presidency of the Republic as it is meant to be treated by the Founders. Personally, what I found is that few people actually know the Constitution, or care about the Constitution. They just want to slap around the libs for a while. Few people seem to understand too that we are indeed a Republic, not a Democracy, and that many of the things Congress is engaged in are not Constitutional. The Court has long ago left off doing its Constitutional duty, and the Presidency...well, you get the idea.
On this pledge issue, I would like a few questions answered. First, didn't Trump threaten not only to break the pledge, but even to run third party multiple times? And didn't his legions adore him for it? He did, and they did.
Are there no circumstances under which the honorable thing to do is to break a pledge, a promise, or a contract? We all know there certainly are. And by the way, breaking contracts and promises is a large part of Trump's business career. Hell, it's the art of the deal, after all. Declaring bankruptcy four times is indeed the breaking of four significant pledges!
I won't even mention the multiple infidelities. That would be tacky.
And why do you supporters even want a Cruz endorsement? If he's Lyin Ted, he did Trump a favor. Dittos if he is this tool of Goldman Sachs. Is it even necessary to bother with the detail that Trump is considering a Goldman appointee as Treasury secretary?
Now, I do not control any of this, and I am not so naive as to believe my vote actually counts. I am not sure weather I will vote for Trump yet, or simply abstain. Once again I am forced into a choice between very bad and even worse, only this time I think it is a choice between one evil and another evil.

I may be wrong.  Certainly if Trump wins, I will hope that he turns out to be the man my friends think he is,  Heaven knows our Republic needs someone to clean out the rats nest of corruption that Washington has become.  Its just that I don't think Trump is the one to do it.

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