Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Schumer's Gambit

Andrew McCarthy has an article over at National Review exposing Chuck Schumer's latest attempt to skirt around the Constitution in order to negate the Second Amendment entitled Democrats "Emergency" Attack on the Second Amendment. A Hat Tip to David Codrea over at War on Guns Go read the whole article.

Of course, Chuck Schumer knows all of this, and he is well aware that the right to self defense, and the right to  means to do so, predate the Constitution, and that it can not be negated by statutory law. He just doesn't care. If he can convince Republicans to go along with it, and in the current Judicial climate. he would have his fait accompli.

Indeed, I suspect the death of Scalia earlier this year is what Schumer is counting on now.  Remember that Democrats have been trying to take away guns for close to a hundred years.  If Schumer's present gambit would have worked, it would already be done.  But now there is a real possibility that the stalemate on the Supreme Court could be broken in favor of the Left.

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