Monday, October 8, 2018

God does not give us the power to destroy the earth!

So, it is that time of year again when the climate alarmist brigade begins to ramp up its claims of impending doom, before going into a big, well funded meeting with all the usual suspects.  These meetings of the UN Framework Conventions on Climate Change are big events that have a carbon footprint that dwarfs those of small countries.  They eat the finest cheeses, drink the best wines, and generally live very high on the hog.  No doubt celebrities will fly in on their private jets to rub shoulders with the leftist delegates to the Convention while staying in five star luxury at the hotels.  All very chic.

This year, however, the IPCC report is being credibly challenged by a group of scientists who will be releasing their report, "Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels" in Katowice, Poland the week of December 4, 2018. But you should read all about it from John Dale Dunn and Joseph Bast at the American Thinker entitled The IPCC is still wrong on climate change. Scientists prove it. Go read the whole thing.

 Like Mr. Dunn, I am not a scientist myself. I am a civil engineer, who like Mr. Dunn took chemistry, physics, geology and a bit of biology in the course of getting my degree. In the course of my work since, I have developed an excellent internal "B.S." meter.  My BS meter pegged out the first time I heard about what was then called "Global Warming" and the fact that man was causing it.  I knew from my geology days that the earth had been though hot spells as well as deeply cold periods.  The deeply cold periods were known as "ice ages."  For civilizational survival, an impending ice age scares me more that the idea that it might get a little bit warmer.

Frankly, I grow weary of debunking the theory that there is anything man can do to either make it warmer or colder.  Believing this nonsense is akin to the  superstition that by dancing around a "powerful shaman" can make it rain.  But as we read in Matthew 5:45, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.  It may seem unfair until one realizes that we have all fallen short of God's expectation, so why should he favor on over another?

I realize that many no longer believe in God, and that many have been taught to believe that the earth is a fragile thing that man can easily upset.  Indeed, I saw a movie recently in which the premise was that we had run out of the resources to grow food and therefore had to leave the earth.  Yet the truth is that all the resources that ever existed here are still here.  They may be in landfills but they are still here and can still be used. God does not give us the power to destroy the earth.  Believe it or not, that is a scientific fact.

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