Sunday, October 28, 2018

It is not the guns that killed in Pittsburgh...

The shooting of people at a synagogue yesterday in Pittsburgh, with the shooter saying things like "all Jews must die!" has the Left already calling for more gun control.  It is not clear yet that any proposal could have stopped this, but the left does not seem to "get it."  But as Kevin McCullough points out in an article over at It Was No More the Guns Than It Was the Bombs. We already have extensive "bomb control" in this country. Bombs, by the nature of such things are designed to kill indiscriminately. But they must be designed, built and set in place by human hands. Similarly, guns do not shoot themselves. They must be loaded, aimed and fired by human hands. The common denominator in any killing is that one or more human beings decide to kill one or more other human beings.
Eventually all of this will be leveled at the feet of inanimate objects—the guns themselves.
Taking them away—preferably from the entire citizenry—is the only thing that will quench the thirst for control from the activist political class, celebrities with outsized perspective of their own opinions, dishonest faculty in the classrooms of the universities, and smarmy news anchors who look down their noses at close to everyone.
But it wasn’t the guns that left us the tragedy in Pittsburgh.
For it took human fingers to pull the triggers.
Just like it took human hands to create the dozen bombs sent to politicians, without human hands pulling the trigger on three firearms those eleven fatalities would be alive today.
No it wasn’t the guns, the gun laws, the politicians, or the NRA that did any of this.
Truly the source of this pain is traceable.
It can be defined, identified, and in an attempt to be helpful even be targeted.
But our society doesn’t wish to.
Because to admit the real culprit is to admit something that all the elites try desperately to avoid.
Basically... looking in the mirror.
Mankind is sinful. Left to our own devices murder is normal.
If we want to get to the truth of the matter, we must confront the fact that guns, and to a lesser extent, bombs, make killing more efficient, but they are not required. Swords, knives, spears, javalins, daggers, scimitars, stones and rocks have been used to kill, along with various tools that were designed for other purposes such as nail guns, screw drivers, ice picks, chain saws, jet engines, and the list goes on...and on...and on...

At the same time, we don't want the most efficient means of committing violence concentrated in the hands of the government such that they alone have a monopoly of violence. For the government is not composed of angels, but instead is composed of we the people.  And of course the police are not there to protect any one individual, but are there to protect the public at large.  But again, they are not made up of angels, but instead are drawn from the people.  Nothing in their training gives the special powers of good over evil.  They merely have numbers and fire power.

The truth is there is no solution.  No set of laws, or magical incantations can prevent murders.  The most you can do is make murder itself illegal and punishable in the old fashioned way...a life for a life. 

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