Monday, October 22, 2018

Leftists Go Berserk After Trump Promises To Go After Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is a problem in our election process because in a number of key districts, it often doesn't require that many illegal votes to make a significant difference nationally. I am reminded of the Al Franken election where after counting the votes, and finding that he was short, a Franken operative suddenly "found" some uncounted Franken votes in the trunk of his car. What luck, right?  But, it gave the Senate to the Democrats, and sealed the Obamacare bill's passage in the Senate.  A few votes in a key district gave us yet another socialist law that we likely will never be able to get rid of.

Scott Morefield has an article discussing voter fraud at entitled President Trump Takes Aim at Voter Fraud, Liberals Go Berserk. Morefield writes:
From decrying illegal immigration to espousing an America First trade policy, from denouncing “angry mobs” to taking jabs at “Crazy Maxine” and “Pocahontas,” few would disagree that when it comes to triggering lefties, President Trump is the ultimate Zen master. And given the president’s almost superhuman ability to drive the Left insane with the push of a few buttons to his Twitter account, one might be forgiven for being surprised that one seemingly ubiquitous Saturday tweet topped all or most of the rest, not by calling someone “Horseface” (although yeah, that was hilarious) or taking another well-deserved jab at Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt,” but by bringing a key issue to light that the Left desperately wants to hide.
Namely - voter fraud.
“All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING,” Trump tweeted. “Cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal!”
And of course, the Left has gone berserk. They have accused the President of "voter suppression." What voter suppression? If you are only voting once, under your own name, and you are registered to vote, why should you feel fearful of voting? As for presenting your identification, what's the big deal.  You do it all the time for lesser things like writing a check at a grocery store.  They have also claimed that voter fraud doesn't exist, so the President is wasting law enforcement's time going after it.  But, having law enforcement track down voter fraud seems like small beer compared to the billions wasted elsewhere in the budget.   But Morefield has an explanation:
Now if you’re a normal person reading this, you might think - ‘What’s the big deal? Isn’t Trump basically saying law enforcement will be looking out for, uh, those who, you know … BREAK THE LAW?’ And you’d be entirely correct, but remember when it comes to liberals we aren’t talking about “normal” people, not on any intellectual or moral level. We’re talking about people whose entire lives revolve around obtaining power, retaining power, and using that power to pound the rest of us into submission. By any means necessary. So when Trump or anyone else to the right of center talks about an issue like voter fraud, liberals don’t hear ‘law and order’ or ‘fair elections,’ but instead they see it as mean-old-Trump trying to take away one of their primary tools for stealing elections.
So, power is what motor voter laws are about. It is what same day registration is about. It's what early voting is ultimately about. Go read the entire article. Voter fraud is only getting worse, and will continue getting worse until it is taken seriously. It really does make a difference, sometimes a big difference. Go read the whole article by Scott Morefield.  Also check out Project Veritas, who has this this recording up from 2015. but things haven't changed.

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