Friday, October 5, 2018

The Daily Caller Exposes the Problems With the Left

The Daily Caller featured a post about a Facebook vice president supported Judge Kavanaugh during his hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The post can be found here. According to the post:
Facebook employees are reportedly in the middle of a week-long meltdown after vice president for global policy Joel Kaplan sat behind Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during Kavanaugh’s Sept. 27 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Hundreds of Facebook employees expressed their displeasure with Kaplan since Kavanaugh’s testimony, according to reports in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter.
“His seat choice was intentional, knowing full well that journalists would identify every public figure appearing behind Kavanaugh. He knew that this would cause outrage internally, but he knew that he couldn’t get fired for it,” one Facebook program manager wrote about Kavanaugh, according to TheNYT.
There is the problem with Leftist ideology, right there. The late Mike Vanderboegh called the various ideologies on the Left "Collectivist." This fits with Jonah Goldberg's definition of Fascism, an ideology on the Left:
“We tend to forget that unity is, at best, morally neutral and often a source of irrationality and groupthink. Rampaging mobs are unified. The Mafia is unified. Marauding barbarians bent on rape and pillage are unified. Meanwhile, civilized people have disagreements, and small-d democrats have arguments. Classical liberalism is based on this fundamental insight, which is why fascism was always antiliberal. Liberalism rejected the idea that unity is more valuable than individuality. For fascists and other leftists, meaning and authenticity are found in collective enterprises—of class, nation, or race—and the state is there to enforce that meaning on everyone without the hindrance of debate.”
Here we see the notion, which is expressed everywhere among the young these days, that one can not have a different opinion and still be allowed into decent society. This is collectivist thinking, and it is fundamentally anti-liberal, and intolerant.  We used to value independent thought and action.  Now, not so much.

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