Monday, February 11, 2019

The Red, White, and Blue New Deal

Once again, Kurt Schlichter has hits the nail on the head with his post entitled How About a Red, White, and Blue New Deal? at today. Schlichter's Red, White and Blue New Deal is rather simple:
Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone.
This has been the battle cry all along: leave me alone! You do what you want, but leave me alone.  Of course, Leftists can not leave anyone alone because their whole reason for being is to bother everyone else.  These people are hollow, and miserable themselves, and so derive meaning by making others as miserable as they are.

Schilchter is his usual self, so expect a lot of sarcasm and irony in this piece, but it is well worth the your time to read.

One thing to think about as you consider the Green New Deal is that if these proposals made anyone more prosperous, don't you think someone would be doing them already  without being forced by the government?  Whenever the government forces you to do something, you can bet that it is not what you want to do, nor is it in your best interest to do it.  Does the government, for example, have to subsidize McDonald's?  No?  Then why does the government have to subsidize these other things if not precisely because nobody is going to pay for them.  And why won't people pay for them? because they can't make money.
Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone
That pretty well sums it up.

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