Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another Reason to "Do Nothing," No, Really.

Trevor Thomas at the American Thinker has a piece entitled Anti-Gun Laws Will Never Solve Gun Violence In America. Thomas makes the point, with appropriate charts, graphs, and appeals to experts, that mass shootings in America are not trending upward. Indeed, they have remained remarkably consistent for the last 2 decades.  He also makes the point that:
Not only are mass shootings still very rare, but they represent an extremely small portion of overall gun murders in the U.S. Even a leftist publication like Vox makes note of this. While using a variety of data, including Professor Fox’s, Vox’s Dylan Matthews rightly reveals that “while tragic,” deaths as a result of mass shooting “are a tiny sliver of America’s gun homicide problem.”
What’s more, though we comprise about four-and-a-half percent of the world’s population, and though we own about half of the world’s privately owned guns, America accounts for less than half of one percent of the world’s murders. Likewise, across the U.S., this trend is similar: the presence of guns does not correlate to more gun murders. As this piece points out, many of the safest areas in America have the highest rates of gun-ownership.
So, if you read the entire article, including the linked pieces, it becomes clear that more gun control will not curb crime. And obviously, the Repblicans in the Senate know this. So, what are they thinking of?

Frankly, especially with the proposals on the table, I suspect they are thinking like the Democrats, of disarming the American people by means they think could get by the Supreme Court (not a hard task, I'll admit.) Many Republicans, unfortunately, are not conservative. Indeed, Republicans from the Bush wing of the party are on board with the idea of global governance. And they would just love to install an antidemocratic system of rule by the self appointed "philosopher kings" just like the EU.

I have to run today, but in addition to the Trevor Thomas article, please also read Beth Baumann's article at entitled Read'em And Weep Anit-Gunners: Dana Loesch Proves, Once Again, Why Red Flag Laws Are Dangerous. Loesch has tweeted ten reasons. Read them all.

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