Monday, September 9, 2019

Criminals For Gun Control

When the topic comes up, I often tell women I meet that if they don't have a gun, and carrying it everywhere, they should get one, and get trained in how to use it. Women, despite the "I am woman, see me roar" types, are generally weaker and more vulnerable to male predators. So, it was gratifying seeing an article making the same point with many examples. The article, written by Adam Mill, at The Federalist is entitled Why Criminals Looking To Victimize Women Love Gun Control. The gun is the great equalizer when one finds oneself confronted by an attacker who is more numerous, bigger, stronger, and often younger.
Often overlooked in the gun control issue is that laws intended to disarm male attackers also reduce the choices women have for self-protection. It might make sense for some gun control advocates to carry pepper spray or remain in the company of a protective male. But for some women who wish to live independently, the option of a firearm offsets the overwhelming physical superiority of a potential attacker. It’s her body. Shouldn’t she have the right to choose how best to protect it?
And, if reports from the NSSF are to be believed, women are the fastest growing demographic among gun owners. Well...good for them. While I would try to defend my wife if needed, I can not be around every minute of the day. As always, go read the whole article.

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