Monday, September 16, 2019

The United States May Already Be Lost, If Conservatives Do Not Change Strategies

Today, at the American Thinker Christopher Skeet notes that Liberals Want To Grab Guns...But Who Will Do The Grabbing? His point is that many police officers agree with citizens owning and carrying guns, so would be reluctant to do the bidding of their political bosses. Keep in mind that we are talking here about taking guns from people who have never done anything wrong, and who believe they have the right to own these weapons. Further, as the quotes below show, the author is aware that the Left knows all these points, but they still want to disarm us. This leads to frustration on our part, and a realization that there can only be one reason for this seemingly unreasonable behavior:
I don't think I'm alone when I say it's frustrating having the same conversation over and over and over again. I'm frustrated trying to explain the difference between a semi-automatic and a "military-style assault" weapon, parrying asinine retorts of how our Founding Fathers "only had muskets," and being told by strangers what weapons I "don't need." I'm frustrated with citing statistical evidence showing that the vast majority of gun violence in America is the result of suicides and of criminals who have obtained their guns illegally. I'm frustrated with trying to justify my personal choices to people who are completely ignorant about guns and who are completely unwilling to learn.
If reducing gun violence were an honest aim of the Left, leftists would follow the evidence where it leads. But leftists oppose gun ownership not out of any heartfelt reaction to mass shootings (though they routinely go through the necessary public genuflections). They don't care about dead students, dead Walmart shoppers, dead worshipers, dead police, or dead black Americans. They don't care about getting help for the mentally ill. They care about the consolidation of political power into a centralized totalitarian entity, which they arrogantly assume they possess the competence to administer.
So, who will do the grabbing, if not the police. The Army, perhaps, or the National Guard? It seems clear it will not be the Leftist elite themselves. And as Skeet makes clear, voluntary compliance is unlikely. Therefore, despite what the Democrats want, it is clear they are passing a useless bill that will do nothing...or are they?

Scott Morefield has a different take on what the Democrats are after, and I think his is the more realistic. Morefield, writing at that Leftists Won't Be Going 'Door to Door' To Take Your Guns, Because They Won't Have To. Morefield thinks, and again, I suspect he is right, that the Left is smart enough to realize that going 'door to door' would raise too much ire. Better to take guns away quietly, one at a time.
And even assuming you “defy” a law they’ve passed – which, granted, many currently do in heavy gun-controlled blue states – what long-term purpose will that serve? They may not physically have possession of your AR-15, or your handgun, or your scoped 30-06 semi-auto deer rifle, but what good are weapons when you’ll be prosecuted as a criminal for using them? People like Beto O’Rourke and their leftist cohorts may be evil, but they aren’t stupid. They know this, and so they can say they won’t go “door-to-door” with a straight face and a smarmy “I’m a reasonable person” grin, knowing full well the long-term ramifications.
Like the frog in boiling water, the totalitarian state will happen when leftists are able to use the law to make de-facto criminals out of everyone they hate. Then, whether the proverbial jackboots come to your home and beat down your door now or later, whether they arrest you in a grocery store parking lot or sleeping in your bed, whether they prosecute you for using an “illegal” weapon to defend yourself against a home invader or hunting for food, whether they take your guns via “voluntary” buyback because you’ve got a family and can’t afford to risk going to prison, or from your cold, dead hands, they’ll know they’ve won. Because they’re eventually going to get your guns, one way or another.
I encourage gentle readers to read both articles today.

Clearly, we need a different strategy. The Left has shown itself to not care about laws, rules of conduct, civility, truth and facts, the Constitution, or indeed, anything that gets in the way of them having total power. And it has become mind numbingly clear that they want to control everything from where and how you can travel, to what and how much you can eat. They want Medicare for all because they want to tell you what medicines you can take, and at what age you are no longer 'worth' keeping alive.  Their agenda is evil, as grossly so as the Soviet Union was or North Korea is today.  You must be controlled for your own good, you see. Our insistence on following the rules in hopes they will see the error of their ways is not working.  Indeed they are depending on it. 

I am not saying to break the Laws of God, But the Bible shows us that God is not a pacifist, and neither should we be.  I confess here that I have no idea what would work, but we nust find a way, or the United States is lost.  It may already be.

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