Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Left Has Stopped Trying To Persuade You To Give Up Your Rights. They Are Just Going To Take Them.

Today, at, Kurt Schlichter has a post about the dumb, as in stupid, arguments being advanced about gun control by the left.  Schlicter's article is entitled interestingly enough, Dumb Arguments About Gun Control. If you have been a faithful reader, and I know there are at least 2 of you out there, you have read a debunking of every idiotic idea the Left has come up with to try and talk you out of your right to arms.  Remember the "but if it saves just one life" and the "do it for the children" arguments?

The change that is happening now is that the Left is no longer trying to talk you out of your rights, and instead they are saying now that if elected, they will just take them. The have given up on convincing you because it has become clear that you are not going to willingly give up your rights.  This should come as no surprise because the Left has always been a totalitarian operation.  They have simply been lying in hopes of catching you off guard.
Not-Senile-At-All Joe Biden inarticulately joined the “Take All The Gunz” chorus the other day, joining the rest of the socialists, socialists lite and fake Indians who make up the Democrat slate in thinking we’ll just hand-over our arms because of their wanting us to. There are good arguments against their position, including not wanting to rip our country apart with a bunch of Waco redos, but I don’t argue except for money, and I especially don’t argue about my gun rights since they are not up for debate. If I were to argue over the right to keep and bear arms, my position would be simple. Fifty percent of my “argument” would consist of the naughty word the media squees over Beto now uses when babbling about disarming us, plus the word “you.”
The elite, including their pet media, are no longer lying about how they are not going to try to take our guns. They are now all in on disarming you. We need not worry that Donald Trump will roll over on gun rights because that’s political suicide, and a hara kiri move that would leave his family at the mercy of a Democrat Department of Justice who will no doubt be much less picky with his people about who they charge with crimes then they have been with Democrat faves. However, there are weak-hearted GOP congressmen and senators who would love to surrender because that’s what squishes who read the NYT and respect it do. They need to fear our electoral wrath. They need to know that we will destroy them at the ballot box if they allow their cowardice to bring our country to the brink of chaos by empowering the same folks who brought you Spygate, and who let Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit off, prosecute millions of Normal Americans for “crimes” that are legal acts today and that the Constitution says are our natural rights.
No gun bans, ever. You feel us?
Of course, you should read the entire article, but you can take action as well. Go to the Gun Owners of America site and take action to tell Republicans to not go squishy on gun rights. If you have been keeping up with gun news, you may know that many Republicans are feeling the pressure to pass gun control. We need to let them know that the gun grabbers will never vote for them in any case,  But if they vote to infringe our rights, those of use who WOULD normally vote for them, will sit out the election.  We are their base, and any politician who votes against his or her base can not survive.

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