Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas, And Practical Christianity

It is the eve of Christmas Eve, and has Christmas Day grows closer, no doubt I will have less and less time.  So, let me say to all readers of this blog, Merry Christmas, and a Happy (and blessed) New Year. With that being said, Fay Voshell has an excellent Christmas post at the American Thinker today entitled Satanists At The Christmas Party. She takes the inevitable party poopers to task as a lead off to the real reason for the season:
One thing is sure. What Christians in America have known for at least two generations is that there’s always someone itching to spoil their Christmas party in the name of diversity, separation of church and state, individual “rights” or some other doctrinal tenet of the Dark Side. There is always the uninvited satanic gate crasher who pops up at the last minute to join the mocking “enlightened” party pooper cynic who wears the intellectual equivalent of a lampshade on his head.
But perhaps the First State Satanists don’t know just what it is Christians in Georgetown, America and around the world are celebrating at Christmas. The fact is that for Christians, Christmas is the biggest party this side of glory. That is because for the faithful, Christmas is celebration of a victory with cosmic significance. Christians believe that when Christ was born, the promise of Genesis that Satan the serpent would be crushed under the feet of a savior was fulfilled. We believe the major battle against Satan and the forces of evil has been won, that victory over sin and death has been accomplished.
So, that's it. That's why we are so happy, saying "Merry Christmas" to one and all, singing carols, giving gifts, and generally making merry. Because Christ has come into the World. As Saint Paul noted, we have all sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of God. But God has taken on our sinful form and our sins as well, and because we could not atone for our sins, he himself has atoned for them. Hallelujah!

But, wait...there's more!
As it turns out, Christians believe Christ the gracious and merciful Host invites everyone to the celebration. Whosever will may come and receive a welcome from Him who came to seek and to save those who have lost their way.
Yes, though they don’t believe it, the Son of Man invites even repentant First State Satanists to his Christmas celebration. All they and any of us must do is accept the invitation and put on the robes of righteousness the sacrificial Host supplies so as not to be cast out by angelic bouncers.
Then? Party on joyfully forever in the presence of the heavenly Boy.
So, if someone would like to understand the REAL things we Christians believe, and if one has limited time, he could do worse that to read the book of Romans in the New Testament to the Bible. Romans was written by Paul after spending most of his adulthood as an apostle of Christ teaching and preaching the Gospel. It summarizes his thoughts on Christianity just before the Roman government executed him around 60 A.D. (also known as the "common era.") I say all this by way of introducing a post by Selwyn Duke entitled On How Evangelicals Can Support Trump, Both Libs and Conservatives Get It Wrong.
With both the Russia and Ukraine hoaxes having fizzled and the "legal" means for President Trump's removal perhaps exhausted, at least for now, the Left appears to have moved on to a "moral" argument designed to influence the 2020 election. Initiated by Christianity Today and advanced by figures such as CNN's Chris Cuomo, the idea is that Evangelicals — and by implication all Christians — should be ashamed to support Trump because he makes a "mockery" of their faith.
It's an interesting argument not because it's anything but a demagogic one, but because it relates to interesting issues completely eluding the very uninteresting people making the argument. Unfortunately, I've yet to hear them treated adequately.
So, did you go read Romans yet? Duke has in this post shown us one example of practical Christianity at work. While the Left claims that we Christians are making a "mockery" of our faith, in point of fact if we bought into the Left's rhetoric, we couldn't vote for any candidate. As was noted before, all people are sinners. But, as long as we are talking about voting for a candidate who makes a mockery of Christianity:
And that's the point. As usual, leftists are engaging in pure projection. Cuomo the Lesser supports Cuomo the Greater (N.Y.'s governor), a man who signed a bill allowing prenatal infanticide up to birth ("Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you," Jeremiah 1:5, anyone?). In fact, along with other purported leftist "Christians," the Lesser makes a mockery of his own faith.
It requires a striking lack of self-awareness, or a sociopathic lack of compunction, for the glass-house Left to hurl its White House stones. Who, Mr. Cuomo, is this saintly viable alternative who must exist if you imply that Christians should abandon Trump?
Whomever you suggest, it won't just be someone supporting prenatal infanticide, putting boys in girls' bathrooms ("[M]ale and female he made them," Genesis 5:2), and indoctrinating schoolchildren with sexual devolutionary propaganda ("But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea," Matthew 18:6).
So, while we Christians recognize that Trump is all too human, we also recognize that so are we all. But even though Trump has done many things that go against our beliefs, as have we all, would have Hillary been a better choice? Without reciting her deplorable record of crimes for which she will never be prosecuted, thank you Democrats, I think not. If politics is the art of the possible, then continuing to support President Trump is what is possible today. Tomorrow? God only knows.

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