Monday, December 30, 2019

Our Cause Is Noble And Just

Perhaps you have not heard yet that, with its new Leftist takeover of the Commonwealth legislature, as well as its Leftist Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, Virginia plans to outlaw an untold number of guns, magazines, and who knows what else. So far, 95% of Virginia counties, and many cities as well have passed resolutions vowing to resist the proposed laws. Attorney General Herring has declared these "Second Amendment Sanctuaries" to not be legal. On the other hand, the Leftists themselves seem to think that illegal immigrant sanctuaries are just the bomb. So, consistency is not their strong suit.

David Lanza at the American Thinker has advise for gun owners in Virginia. He says to Document The Virginia Crackdown using the 1968 Soviet crackdown of Czechoslovakia.
If you want the real story to reach America and the world, you must film it and spread the story yourself. Do not rely on social media, smartphones, or other internet-based communication — just in case the stories about internet censorship turn out to be true.
For an example of the best response, we should look to Prague, 1968. The Soviet crackdown at that time involved tanks rumbling through the streets of many Czechoslovakian cities. The Czech citizen response is a model for at least a short-term response among the people of Virginia now. When the Soviet tanks made their first appearance on August 21, 1968, the head of a Prague film school immediately gathered his students and distributed cameras and film. He told the students that he did not know why there were tanks on the streets and that they might even be witnessing the beginning of World War III. But he instructed them to take as many pictures and movies as they could and see to it that the film got out of the country to the rest of the world.
While your at it though, you don't need merely to get the images out of Virginia, but you also need to arrange for having access to secure internet services and have relations with organizations that will show the public your film. As Lanza points out, the MSM will attempt to bury the evidence.

Meanwhile,  Scott Morefield points out that the Leftists will ban a number of weapons that are at the moment legal to own and that it is clearly unconstitutional to ban.  But, since the Supreme Court has not pronounced on these types of weapons, Leftists have a fig leaf of cover for their clearly unconstitutional actions.
Which brings up the murky part, because if the history of such laws in Connecticut, New Zealand and elsewhere are any indication, the likelihood of a majority of Virginia gun owners complying with these new laws is next to nil. So, when the peasants inevitably refuse to prostrate themselves before their new masters, will the state government push some kind of confrontation with local authorities who refuse to help? Will they ask the Trump administration for assistance? Or will they simply ride things out, using state agents to prosecute cases as they arise, knowing full well there are thousands of “outlaws” out there just waiting to be caught.
I suspect, for all their bluster, Democrats will settle for the long game. Get the laws on the books. Get people used to them. Then, pick off the dissenters one by one. It’s the path of least resistance, and having the laws on the books is half the battle for these jackals. After all, selective “justice” has always been part of the Bolshevik playbook.
In response, Second Amendment proponents in Virginia should play the long game too. They may not be able to stop the laws from getting on the books, but they should most certainly challenge each new law as unconstitutional by any state or federal constitutional measure. They should also use this issue as a springboard to continue to organize and defeat leftists in every remotely swing district. And yes, local authorities should absolutely refuse to help them enforce their ridiculous laws.
We here at Standing By will be watching Virginia closely, while continuing to take actions to try to keep Leftists out of power here in NC. Wherever Democrats (read Communist/Socialist/Fascists/Progressives) gain power, they go after guns. They always claim, of course, that this is for safety, to combat crime, and reduce what is called "gun violence." But this is an excuse ginned up to explain their hatred of you and your guns. The REAL reason is that the Left wants total control over you and how you live your life. You will note that it is not merely guns. They want to dictate your religion, your food choices, your mode of transportation and everything else.  Then there are the promises of free stuff paid for by others: promises that never seem to come true, but which always seem to attract some envious and greedy voters. 

Our cause is not, as some may say, a "hobby."  Our cause is freedom and liberty.  Our cause is the cause of the Founders, of Constitutional government, of keeping our Rights and expressed in the Bill of Rights, and of equal treatment under the law.  Our cause is noble and just.


  1. I AM one of those Kommiecticut Patriots that have frightened the wannabe tyrants into inaction. Initially in 2013, they said there would be "aggressive enforcement" of the new gun laws. As it stands only a few dozen have been charged, and less convicted, and those were criminals caught perpetrating crimes, or plain old stupid people being stupid. The hundreds of thousands of potential paper felons are standing firm in the Armed Civil Disobedience, and the state remains silent.

  2. Witold Pilecki,
    First, thanks for your comment. I often think that I am shouting into an abyss, and nobody is listening. Your comments let me know that I am not alone here.

    As to what you wrote, it appears your experience has been as Morefield describe it. The State realizes there are many "outlaws" but has settled for picking them off one by one. What you have is the iron fist in the velvet glove. At any moment the glove could come off if the State so chooses. This is not good, and hopefully it can be avoided in Virginia. We shall see.

    In any case, good to hear from you. Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


  3. I'm not much of one who leaves a lot of comments at any blog, but no way are you shouting into the abyss, Wade. Your writing is always informative and insightful.
    - Dave Drake

  4. David, I blush here, but thank you for saying that.