Sunday, December 8, 2019

The United States Was Founded With The Help Of Divine Providence

I have to run today, but I want to leave you with a post by Eric Utter at the American Thinker entitled Evil Ascendant in which Mr. Utter points out what is wrong in our culture today:
If politics is indeed downstream from culture, when the culture is polluted, politics will be as well. The Founders would not have put up with the wide-scale poisoning of our culture and the internal annexation of the country they begat us. They would not have tolerated an attempted coup. Deep down, progressives know this. It is largely why they are bashing the Founders now.
Progressives try to skirt these facts by equivocating and asserting that everything is relative. There is no objective truth, they aver, only “my truth” and “your truth.” Take abortion, for instance. Some see it as a “woman’s fundamental right,” others as outright murder. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. In reality, “My truth” is merely code for: “You must tolerate anything I do, no matter how bizarre, sinful, or damaging, without questioning it or shaming me. I, however, don’t have to reciprocate, because you are an intolerant, Hitleresque ass.”
I’ll be blunt. There is an elephant in the room. A big one that no one is talking about: Evil will always win if good doesn’t fight back. Always. Always. Too many good and decent people do not truthfully understand this. They want nothing so much as to be seen as tolerant, caring, open-minded. These attributes, of course, are precisely what evil uses to advance its agenda and secure ever more power and control over others. Using others’ kindness, tolerance and ignorance against them is…the very essence of evil. It never rests, never takes a day or a moment off, doesn’t worry about being labeled evil. It does not care if its actions are bigoted, racist, shameless or harmful. Nor does it fret about whether or not it will be seen as kind, tolerant, inclusive, or open-minded. Evil always advances when allowed to do so. Always. It never stops, is omnipresent, pushes, prods, changes shape and appearance. It cares not of decency, logic, whim, niceties, demeanor, manners, feelings, justice or fairness. Especially fairness.
Utter goes on to say that more people need to join the fight. I agree with him on this, though I am as lost as the next guy as to how we can be more effective. There is a saying that when you get in the mud with a pig, you just get muddy yourself and the pig enjoys it. But another problem is that you and I can never "out muddy" the pigs of the world. At some point, there is a line you and I will not cross, that the "pigs" will do. So what is to be done? I suspect we must fight as hard as we can, but rely on Divine help to take the fight to victory. In other words, we must fight till all hope is gone, but continue to pray, and have faith.  The United States was founded with the help of Divine Providence and it may be that God is waiting for His people to show they remember that fact.

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