Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Left Teaches Us Another Great Strategy For Winning

Today, Kurt Schlichter has an article at that nails the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities For The Win. Schlichter's typically sarcastic and sardonic phraseology is in this article simply brilliant. One of the points that Schlichter makes is that Second Amendment sanctuaries are borrowed from the Left's new rule book wherein they just ignore, or openly defy laws they do not like. But unlike the Left's new rules, Second Amendment Sanctuaries are for the purpose of upholding the law, in this case the Constitution.
It’s glorious how the normal people of Virginia are rising up to reject Governor Blackface … or is it Governor KKK-klothes? He can’t seem to remember which one he was in the photo, meaning he had probably donned both creepy get-ups at some point. Yay, our Democrat betters! In any case, the people are telling him, “No, we’re not letting you goose-stepping Bloomberg bots take our guns,” and it is especially glorious that the means to make this righteous commitment is a new, and not garbage, sanctuary movement.
I’ve always been an advocate of playing by the left’s new rules, and this is a great opportunity to new rules the libs good and hard. We got your sanctuary right here, pinkos.
See, the left decided that Virginia, whose northern reaches are now full of government workers and other garbage people, needed to turn blue. With tons of lib donor money and the aid of a typically inept state GOP (I know those feel here in California), they managed to just barely grab control of both houses of the legislature. With Governor Byrd-Jolson in charge, they immediately promised to do away with the Second Amendment. They announced that they were going to confiscate the citizens’ scary guns and do all sorts of other things to show those disobedient, probably Jesus-loving rubes who was boss.
There's another subtext to this article, but one not to be missed: government can only push and nudge so far. At some point, the people get a say and the people have spoken loud and clear here. At this point, 90% of Virginia counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries:
In any case, the Democrats have finally found a kind of sanctuary city they won’t goo goo over – one that protects the constitutional rights of American citizens instead of one that undermines and breaks the duly-enacted laws passed by the American people’s representatives for the benefit of foreigners who shouldn’t be here in the first place.
This kind of civil disobedience is absolutely justified in the face of manifestly unconstitutional threats to the Bill of Rights. The liberals think the Constitution is some sort of cafeteria, where they get to pick and chose the rights they will enforce – usually rights that aren’t even in the Constitution in the first place. But this only works if American citizens go along with it, and they are not going to.
. Please go read the entire article as Schlichter is at his best here. But also take some courage here. We need to get involved in the political process and turn it to our advantage. I realize, of course, that most have to work, and raise kids, mow the lawn and take out the trash, but in the few minutes that remain, we all need to be more active at the local and state level. Do not let Bloomberg do to us what he did to Virginia. Please also remember that we are supposed to be on God's side here, so don't let winning by any means necessary become your focus. He will be with us if we are with him.

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