Friday, May 7, 2021

An Interview With Marjorie Taylor Greene

Andrea Widburg has a post at the American Thinker entitled If all politicians were Marjorie Taylor Greene, American could be a better place. Really, I like Ms. Widburg more and more. No, I do not know her, never met her, but her ideas expressed at the American Thinker have impressed me. Widburg in turn references a Tucker Carlson interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene. I am a recent convert to Tucker Carlson as well. It may be that Carlson is a good actor, but I am impressed with his gratitude to each of his guests. I am also impressed with his smart interview style. In any case, nobody else could get me to spend money on a pay news service, but I signed up to get Tucker Carlson Today.

Widburg writes: Greene is a remarkably self-assured woman with a business background. About Congress, she says what we've long suspected: most congresspeople have accomplished nothing practical in life. They've worked for the government or as employees. They've never managed anything.

Worse, the Republicans have as their goal to be liked and to get re-elected, while the Democrats have victory as their goal. Greene is not intimidated by either Republicans or Democrats, although she admires Democrat tactics — especially Nancy Pelosi's and AOC's.

One of Greene's most interesting points is that she keeps being told not to bring up controversial bills because they won't pass. As a businesswoman, she says that's idiotic. You start selling the bills now so that when you do regain power, you've already seeded the ground. Of course, Republicans, once elected, invariably bail on their prior promises.

I urge you to read Widburg, and watch Greene's interview. You have probably heard every nasty thing written about her. but the actual Marjorie Taylor Greene is a smart woman. We need more of her.

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