Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Earth's Ideal Temperature

 Jonathon Moseley has an article today at the American Thinker that asks the question Do We Know the Earth's Global Temperature? Moseley sounds like he is an either a statistician, or and experimental scientist. But he is just a writer who has applied what the so-called climate scientists should have applied.  He has applied statistics and logic to a field very much lacking these things.  And the popular culture seems to not even understand these seeming simple ideas.

Back in the 1970s, we were headed for climate doom because the Earth was cooling and we would all freeze to death"!" Then in the 1990s we were headed for climate doom because the Earth was warming and we would all burn up in 12 years"!"  30 years later people who weren't even born in the 1990s are still predicting the end of the Earth in 12 years"!" And now, because the Earth keeps changing, the latest scare porn is "Climate Change!" But what each of these scare tactics have never told us is what is the ideal temperature of the global climate? Or, even, the average global climate temperature?

Humans have survived through both cooler and warmer climates. We were around for the ice age, where great glaciers covered the northern part of the whole World. It was miles thick, and extended in the United States down to Southern Ohio. People from both Europe and Asia made there way to the American continent over these frozen glaciers, hunting seals and fish for food along the way. During the Roman period it was so warm that grapes grew in England. During the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), the average person's diet was grain based. But during the subsequent Little Ice Age, the diet of the average person changed to relatives of the cabbage and root vegetables. The Danes settled Greenland during the MWP, when it truly was a green land, and farmed it. Then had to abandon it when the LIA struck.

So, while we don't really have any idea what past climates temperatures have been, and so speculating that we are headed for doom unless we change our ways is useless scare mongering, perhaps it would be a good idea to actually collect the World's temperature now. But, as it turns out, that is more difficult than it might seem if we wanted to do it right.
Scientist Richard Courtney points out (including to the UK Parliament Select Committee) that there is no agreed definition of a global temperature. Furthermore, we would have to calibrate the measurement method against a standard which really isn’t possible. The modern world has forgotten that measurement instruments must be calibrated. You can’t just grab an instrument and measure something. It must be validated for quality and calibrated to a standard.
How could we measure the planet? Politicians and journalists understand that statistics require random sampling, which is commonly used in public opinion surveys. We cannot predict how roughly 153 million registered voters are going to vote in an election by sampling only about 1,000 to 1,500 people unless the sample is truly random. We must follow strict statistical methodologies for taking samples smaller than the total population.
Temperature measurements at fixed locations cannot predict the Earth as a whole. The Earth’s surface is 196.9 million square miles. It is a sphere 24,901 miles in circumference. The surface is 70% oceans and lakes and vast, mostly untraveled oceans like the Pacific or Southern Atlantic or the Arctic Sea. Fatal flaw number one is that people cannot grasp how truly gigantic Earth is.
Moseley goes on to describe how we could actually measure the temperature of the World. Amazingly, it would cost a lot less than what the World spends on climate change scare tactics. But then, the climate change agenda has never been about keeping the global temperature stable. If it were, the supposed solution would not be the same whether the temperature was rising or falling, would it?

The whole program of climate fear mongering, coupled with the appearance of collecting actual data, has been about scaring us into accepting a socialist regime, with, of course, our "elites" in charge. The whoe thing is total hogwash.

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