Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Deerfield "Assault Weapon" Ban Temporarily Blocked

A judge has blocked the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, IL from enforcing its new "assault weapon ban," at least temporarily.  Over at, Matt Vespa has a rather hopeful post entitled You Can't Take 'Em: Judge Blocks Chicago Gun Ban Hours Before Going Into Effect   The Ban covers so-called "assault weapons."  But clearly there are no such weapons.  A weapon can be used for either aggression or defense.  So, and AR-15 is an "assault weapon" in the public's hands, and a "patrol rifle" in the police's hands.  This is just blatant hypocrisy.  Oh, and according to the new ordinance, handguns carrying more than 10 rounds are also "assault weapons."

The title is of course overly hopeful.   The Judge has issued a temporary restraining order, which means that later he can change his mind, and allow Deerfield to go ahead with its unconstitutional ordinance.  Still, I will take it, for now.  It seems to me that the judge could have, and should have found the ordinance grossly unconstitutional and simply thrown it out.

I have to run, but go read the whole thing.

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