Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Newer Idea on Red Flag laws

Finally, a new idea to replace the stupid one currently circulating among gun grabbers.  Instead of "red flag" laws, that are Unconstitutional, and would ultimately do nothing to stop criminals, but would potentially burden the law abiding, Lynne Lechter, over at American Thinker proposes instead to Extend the Dram Shop Acts. The idea here is to allow civil suits of third parties who knew, or had reason to know, that someone was a time bomb ready to blow:
Instead of creating another political quagmire, we can utilize a tested, far less-controversial solution by expanding existing Dram Shop laws.

Dram Shop laws currently exist in 43 of the 50 United States. To varying degrees, the individual state laws allow for civil liability to attach to certain third parties for drunk driver-caused vehicular accidents. Moreover they complement rather than impinge on existing criminal laws for the underlying criminal act.

Essentially, these laws allow for a victim, and/or their relatives, to sue third parties to the accident: bartenders who serve alcohol to a visibility intoxicated customer; a parent who permits underage drinking at a house party; and, others who knowingly allow an inebriated driver to drive.

The aftermath to the recent spate of domestic mass massacres, as well as to previous attacks, all followed a dreary script. Multiple accounts of known aberrant behavior, frequent social media-posted threats, aggressive personal relations, botched dates, previous encounters with law enforcement, high school grapevines, open boasting of future crimes and parental a priori reporting of unheeded appeals for help were repetitively and mindlessly recounted , as we helpless, mournfully shaken bystanders collectively pondered the inanity of the seemingly preventable tragedies
Of course, the solution doesn't let politicians grand stand about getting more guns of the streets or whatever, and does place the burden on families of the victims to actually sue, but I am sure some enterprising lawyer will manage to get up a class action suit to bring these accessories to a crime to justice.

Thank you Lynne Lechter.

Meanwhile, let's engage in some "whataboutism," shall we?  From Wayne Allyn Root, over at today in a post entitled My Confession About Gunswe learn that

The 2018 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics reports noncitizens (primarily illegal aliens) makeup 7% of America's population but commit 42% of federal crimes.

The 2018 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics reports noncitizens (primarily illegal aliens) makeup 7% of America's population but commit 42% of federal crimes.
In the days leading up to the terrible mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, there were 60 shootings in Chicago. It was so bad Mt. Sinai Hospital had to stop accepting patients on Sunday because it hit maximum capacity in the trauma center. Sixty shot? How did that escape the media's glare?

A year ago, on the same weekend in Chicago, 74 people were shot, 12 of them killed -- yet, no blame for Democrats.

Chicago already has the nation's strictest gun control laws. They are a failure.
And yet, politicians want to put more laws on the book; laws the criminals will ignore and prosecutors won't prosecute. All in the name of looking like they are "doing something." And not just Democrats. It is looking like Republicans are lining up with Democrats to do their "something."

The fact is that Republicans have been less than helpful to President Trump's agenda.  They are, therefore, more vulnerable if gun owners decide to sit out the election.  Were I they, I would take a word to the wise, and reconsider Red Flag laws.  Instead, maybe they would be better doing something like extending the Dram Shop Acts, or just making some of the people who knew about these mass shooters but didn't take action accessories to the crime.

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