Monday, August 12, 2019

The Mistake of the Left

According to Kurt Schichter at today Trump Is Unlikely To Commit Political Suicide By Betraying Us On Guns. From Schlichter's mouth to Trumps ear, as they say. Nonetheless, even if no federal legislation is forthcoming, there is still the potential for State governments to enact the heinous "Red Flag" laws.

As has been noted by many, red flag laws violate 2nd, 4th, and 6th Amendment by taking Constitutionally protected rights from individuals on the basis of hearsay evidence, and not affording the individual due process.  Surely some of these analyses have been read.  Surely legislators who have been proposing such laws understand that what they are proposing violates their oath of office.  One can only presume that therefore they just do not care.  Why?

Which brings us to an interesting discussion, conducted by Alexander Nussbaum over at the American Thinker today entitled The Link Between Today's Leftists and Yesterday's Nazis.

Nussbaum provides a discussion of the current state of Socialism before getting to the specifics of Karl Pearson's influence on the Socialist movement, the eugenics movement, and Communism.  Karl Pearson, born Carl Pearson in 1857, was a genius who was one of the fathers the mathematics of statistics.  He also:
...invented the formula for correlation still used today, as well as inventing chi-square and p-values, all not only still used and taught in every undergraduate statistics course, but central to empirical research.
But Pearson was also a social Darwinist, who believed that society must limit the reproduction of what he believed were inferior races.
Pearson was a social Darwinist, dedicated to proving that Darwinism supported communism. Pearson's ideal collectivist state was, in his words, "an organized whole, kept up to a high pitch of internal efficiency by insuring that its numbers are substantially recruited from the better stocks, and kept up to a high pitch of external efficiency by contest, chiefly by way of war with inferior races, and with equal races by the struggle for trade routes and for the sources of raw material and food supply."

Pearson's writings sought to put the inferiority of Jews (the "parasitic race," as he called them) on a sound scientific basis, and this was not overlooked by Nazi Germany. In 1932, after Hitler's takeover, Pearson was presented Germany's prestigious Rudolf Virchow medal from the Berlin Anthropological Society by Erwin Baur and Eugen Fischer, co-authors of the book that outlined the racial theories of Hitler.
As a Christian, such thoughts are anathema to me. Man is a creature under God, as all other creatures are. It is God who gives us life, and our lives are His. We are not to interfere with Him and His plan.
Eugenicists made one tremendous mistake, a mistake of such magnitude that it rightly relegates them to the status of pariahs. This is a mistake that is the very basis of socialist thought: the horrendous notion that the state owns the individual — that the state has a right to determine who breeds, how people live, what should be their priorities, that the state should have its dirty, stealing hands anywhere near the economic system.
No one, of course, "owns" another. God owns all of us, we are His children. Yes, the Socialists have made a tremendous mistake, one that we all hope will not require bloodshed to correct.

So, the answer to the "why" question above is that these legislators have drunk the Koolaid, and believe that the State owns us.  They must not be elected to serve because they are no longer serving the people, but an ideology that is anathema to the United States Constitution.

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