Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Legal SWATing of Gun Owners

Katie Pavlich points out today at townhall.com that Sen. Lindsay Graham has conspired with Sen. Blumethal to write a Red Flag law. Pavlich seems to be unsure whether the law is a violation of rights or a good idea. If she is reading this, I can tell her that it is not a good idea. 

Oh, of course, at first blush, it sounds like a great idea.  But then you think about the people you know, and it suddenly looks like a way for crabby relatives, feuding neighbors, or just anti-gun cranks to "get even" with someone they don't like.  In most cases, there is no confronting your accusers.  You don't even know that you are the subject of a court proceeding until you are confronted by police there to confiscate your guns.  Be careful now, because the police knocking on your door at 5:00 in the morning know you have a gun, and are alerted that you may be "dangerous."  Best to answer the door with your hands up, because you are about to be proned out even though you have done nothing wrong.  Any move that you make may be your last.  And they will ransack your house looking for the dreaded guns.

Of course, if they don't kill you during the search for your guns, they will eventually leave you to go free.  Interestingly enough, no help will be offered for your supposed mental health issues.  And there are all sorts of other items that can be used to kill people.  Knives, machetes, screw drivers, chain saws, and more can kill.  Why even a pen, poked into the right spot can kill.  And then, there is the oldest weapon known to mankind, a good sized rock. 

In a recent weekend,    9 people were killed and 39 wounded in Chicago. Similarly, in Baltimore over another recent weekend there were 29 Shootings, 9 Fatal. No one gets upset over these killings, apparently. But these kinds of statistics dwarf mass shootings when all of the incidents are taken nationwide. The fact is that your chances of becoming a victim of a mass shooter are very low.

The truth is that this is a stealth gun control proposal being marketed as a mental health issue.  It is no such thing.  The people who are promoting so called "red flag" laws are doing so for no other reason than to add yet another means to take away guns, and to further weaken the Second Amendment.  

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