Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Mediocrity Of Our "Elites"

So, I am an old man, but not so old that I do not remember how it was, back when.  So it is that the piece by Kurt Schlichter today resonates with me.  Kurt Schlichter writes that All the People who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse.
Never before have so many snobs had so little to be snobbish about. It’s not like the ruling caste that turns up its collective snout at the people who actually make this country work has a CV full of achievements to back up its arrogance. Our elite is anything but. It’s a collection of pedestrian mediocrities who inherited our civilization from the people who actually created it and fought for it, and like every spoiled child who was handed free stuff by his doting mommy and daddy, our elite is resentful and obnoxious.
We’re ruled by a bunch of Veruca Salts.
We know what America achieved under the old ruling class. It beat the Nazis – the real Nazis, not the fake bugaboo “Nazis” that the left labels everyone to the right of Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. It fought through the Depression. It trashed the Democrat’s Jim Crow regime. It designed the ’65 Mustang, created the Big Mac and put a man on the moon. It crushed the dirty commies in the Cold War.
The old elite was not perfect, but at least you can point to some tics in the “WIN” column. Not so with the coterie of half-wits running our institutions today. It’s all check marks under “LOSS.” Iraq. The Wall Street Meltdown. Obamacare. Obama himself.
Oh, and then there’s Jeffrey Epstein.
I know there have always been scandals, but truly the record of achievements of the cast of clowns that pretend to know better than I how to live my life and spend my money is appallingly small.

The first small scale circuits were designed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I remember seeing people walking around with the earliest transistor radios.  (Indeed, I got one for Christmas one year, and it was a cherished item for many years after.  For those too young to remember, the transistor replaced the older vacuum tubes that had powered electronics for a generation. I can remember the television repair man coming to our house to replace worn out tubes in our black and white television set.)

Thus were born the first solid state electronics. Then came the early integrated circuits, when I was in college. I acquired, at considerable expense to me at the time, an early example of the new integrated circuitry in the form of a Hewlett Packard 45 calculator. It cost some $400 back in 1974. That was a lot of money for a college student to spend. I used the new calculator to study civil and structural engineering, things that are now not even spoken of as "technology," though of course without that technology, the so called "tech" stuff would not be possible. Imagine if you didn't have clean running water in your home, or paved roads, or if your home was a yurt built from sticks and animal skins. Amazon would be useless because there would be no trucks to deliver goods.  Yes, truck trailers are designed to carry the loads they do by engineers.  And we in turn stand on the shoulders of giants as well.

Young people today have little sense of history, or science and technology building upon itself.  As late as the early 1990s Mrs. PolyKahr and I ran around all over the place with no way to communicate with the other.  We didn't have cell phones, though mobile phones had been available for at least a decade by then.  What would the modern child do without a cell phone?

What the cast of clowns trying to run our lives do not realize is that the average man and woman doing things like plumbing, heavy equipment operating, working in a factory building goods for sale, and more have more in the way of useful accomplishments than Filonia Van Pantsuit or Pocahontas.   All they have really done is lie and cheat their way to wealth and power.  But an excessive desire for wealth and power is not a good look.  For better to have actually earned your wealth and power know...serving real people with things they really want. 

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