Thursday, August 8, 2019

Disarming You and Me Will Not Stop Criminals Behaving Criminally

I have two today; one very serious, and the other snarky, but still very serious.  The first comes from the American Thinker by Taylor Lewis entitled Blowback and Mass Shootings. Lewis makes an important point that both of these mass shooters got started down the path of violence and hatred by being bullied at school.
Both shooters appear to have had a rough go of it in the social hellscape we call high school. The Texas killer was especially bullied. One classmate revealed that prior to being picked on, the future murderer was a “sweet kid.” Everything changed his last year in high school. “He started getting more depressed and a bit more of a loner in senior year when the bullying was pretty severe.”

The Dayton killer was also outcast in school. He authored a hit list of his fellow students. Some of his classmates reported that he was a bully himself -- an ironic harbinger of danger to come.
Go read the whole article, which isn't very long. Children are notorious for their cruelty as well as their inability to see that these kinds of attacks reflect more about the insecurities of those doing the attacking. Also, because they have never known anything but the school environment, for them their current life will continue on, and on, and on forever. It is a depressing thought, and frankly I don't know what can be done. Public service announcements, however, are not the answer.

The second article today comes from the ever snarky Kurt Schlichter in a piece at entitled The Will Still Hate You Even If You Disarm. The title says it all, and it speaks a truth. The Left will never let you and me alone.
It was quite a surprise to find out that we Trump voters were personally responsible for the savage murder sprees of a creep who dug single-payer and a satanist fan of Big Chief Warren. The El Paso scumbag decided he wanted to murder Hispanics because migration would somehow destroy the environment, which falls right in line with classical progressive eugenics balderdash. The Democrat from Dayton was full-on #Resistance. But apparently we conservatives were to blame for their actions because we refuse to give up our rights.

Now, those links I just outlined between these idiots’ political beliefs and liberals should not act to place the moral blame for their vile deeds upon liberals, but they must because that’s apparently the new rule. It’s a stupid rule and I think we should go back to the old rule - the person responsible for the crime he commits is the criminal - but since the new rule is in effect then the liberals can enjoy it like a suppository.
Remember, everything the mainstream media tells you at the behest of the liberal elite is a lie and a scam designed to increase their power and wealth by diminishing your power and wealth. Global warming? It’s such a crisis that they need to fly their private jets to fabulous resorts to discuss how you must trade in your Ford Expedition for a Schwinn and how millions of people like you who support their families in the petroleum industry better learn to code. And now the crisis of two left-friendly mutants out of 335 million people means you need to be disarmed. Oh, and you’re also racists so you should be disenfranchised too.
You will want to read Schlichter's article too, if for no other reason that to enjoy the the lawyerly skill of his use of the language. But remember, we are not giving up our rights, we will not disarm. Disarming you and me will not stop criminals from behaving criminally.


  1. The "Townhall" article nails it. Complete and total capitulation to The Left would not be enough for them. Nothing is ever enough for them. They show us their behavior simply by being themselves and the extremism within their own ranks. It would be humorous if it weren't so darn threatening. Good stuff, as always, Wade. God Bless; best always.

  2. Thanks, David. I hear Republicans are ready to cave and enact Red Flag laws, and the President Trump is ready to sign such. Apparently they don't read Schlichter's articles. Too bad.

    As always, God bless you as well. Stay safe, and keep your powder dry.