Saturday, August 24, 2019

Why Are Republicans So Willing To Give Up Our Rights For A Mess of Pottage?

It has been some years since I have broached this topic, and now is as good a time as any to remind my dear readers that the gun grabbers have never negotiated in good faith..  It is why so much of the gun community says "not one more inch!"  Today, at The Federalist Max McGuire has an article entitled Why Does "Compromise" Always Mean Gun Control Wins? In particular, since the American people are being asked to give up a Constitutionally protected right, at least in part, shouldn't the other side have to give up a Constitutionally protected right as well? It seems to be properly symmetrical to me, but what do I know?

 McGuire makes several good points.
Gun rights supporters are so unwilling to compromise because we know we are getting nothing in return. The left’s idea of a “compromise” is that gun owners get to keep some of their guns instead of having to give up all of them. But even if that were palatable — and it’s not — we know any deal we agree to now will not be honored in the future.
McGuire then goes on to illustrate an example where the gun rights side did indeed compromise, by allowing the Fed to run background checks, but of course, those could only be a maximum of 72 hours. Otherwise, the government could simply ignore background checks and essentially keep anyone from obtaining a gun. But now, of course, the compromise reached then is being re-litigated by gun grabbers who now want so called "universal" background checks.

Herein is the problem, then. The Left would never agree to give up a Constitutionally protected right, such as freedom of the press for itself.  But it works tirelessly to force the law abiding gun owners to give up a slice of their rights here, another slice there.  Meanwhile is the Socialist Rifle Association on board with giving up gun rights? See for yourself. And what about the various John Brown Gun Clubs, this one in North Carolina. You think they are going to give up their guns? Why do I not think so?

Now, McGuire mostly concentrates on the current round of background check laws, which, quite frankly, are a form of security theater, as I have posted on this site before. Law abiding gun buyers will abide by the law, while criminals will evade it. They will steal a gun, or obtain a stolen gun from the black market. Of course, law abiding people do not need a background check, which is why I refer to these as security theater. They are feel good legislation for symbolic purposes only.

But what about "Red Flag" laws? These violate the 2nd, 4th, and 6th Amendments all at once. Are the gun grabbers giving up anything; anything at all? Why are so many Republicans willing to give up our rights for a mess of pottage?


  1. There was a short clip on the local news with Dem presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar at the MN State Fair a day ago. She was asked about gun laws and the recent shootings in the news. Her response was, "we need to preserve our hunting culture...". She's said this before, as have other Dems. No one in the media, local or national, ever asks where in the 2A it mentions "hunting". I'm so tired of this false narrative of 2A-Hunting pushed by Dems. They're lying and they know it.

    Great post, Wade, as always. Take care.

  2. I agree. Years ago, this would have been the late 1960s and early 1970s, the NRA was fond of making the same points. I was only when a number of states passed "shall issue" concealed carry that the NRA stopped making that stupid claim.