Monday, September 18, 2023

One Catholic Diocese Upholds Christian Principles

Andrea Widburg has a post reporting that at least one Catholic bishop is not intimindated by the Left and is asserting Christian prinicples. You can find the post at the American Thinker entitled A Catholic Diocese throws down the guantlet on all things LGBTQ+.

Two of the worst Supreme Court opinions are Obergefell, finding an imaginary constitutional right to gay marriage, and Bostock, reading transgenderism into Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. However, the Diocese of Cleveland, by announcing that it is abandoning all LGBTQ+ ideology and practices, may give rise to a Supreme Court case that wipes out those legal abominations.
Kennedy’s writing was slop, but it was slop that set up a very disturbing constitutional crisis: namely, the moment when a same-sex couple sues a conservative religious institution for refusing to marry it. When I mentioned this problem to a leftist lawyer, he scoffed. Much as the Catholic church opposed abortion, he pointed out, that had never caused a constitutional crisis. I responded that the Catholic church didn’t perform abortions.
But the Diocese of Cleveland just did something that is great on its face, and that may finally force the Supreme Court to revisit these constitutionally corrupt decisions: It said that its Christian values must control when it comes to the question of human sex and sexuality. According to the Diocese, there are only two sexes, and heterosexuality is the only appropriate relationship.
The Bishop’s new “Parish & School Policy on Issues of Sexuality and Gender Identity” is remarkably clear. Its opening paragraph establishes that the rules it states are grounded in divine revelation. It acknowledges that people suffer from gender dysphoria or confusion and expresses sympathy for their sufferings but says that their belief “is contrary to the divinely revealed reality of our true, God-given human nature.” Compassion is called for but not more.

It is good to see that Bishop Edward Malesic has some spine. So often we see Catholic prelates who bend the knee to the Left rather than to Christ, who he should bow down to. Note that the policy calls for "compassion" for the gender confused. Compassion means sympathy and concern for the afflcted. It does not mean that we are supposed to enable the delusion or to pretend that it is reality. Those of us bound to reality must recognize that in reality, sex is binary.

It’s amazing that it took this long for a religious institution to stand up for religious principles. I hope the Diocese is braced for the inevitable lawsuits from activist employees or parents—and when those lawsuits come, I hope the Diocese has the resolve to take them to the Supreme Court if need be. Maybe, then, the Supreme Court will reverse the constitutional monstrosities that are Obergefell and Bostock.

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