Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goofball Wormening Has Been Cancelled

Tomorrow is "Earth Day," that glorious day when pagans everywhere celebrate and glorify the creation, and not the Creator. The pagans even have a name for their god; they call it "Gaia." How cute.

Meanwhile, Bill Steigerwald has an interview with Anthony Watts, of WattsUpWithThat.com. Anthony is a former television meteorologist who has used actual science to debunk many of the claims of Hollyweird actresses, and even Jim Hanson, about goofball wormening. Go read with Watts has to say, and go to his erudite website and read what is going on there as well.

For myself, I have read much of the scientific data, and I have understood some of it, but not all by any stretch. One thing I did discover is that the earth has been much warmer, and much colder than it is today, and it survived (!!!). Species like the alligator, the cockroach and mosquito survived these times virtually unchanged. In historical times it has been warmer and cooler. During the medieval warming, it got warm enough that Greenland was actually green, and wine grapes grew in the British Isles. (The SUV was invented some hundreds of years later, as a matter of historical record.) During the revolutionary war, snow was common both in Virginia and North Carolina. Today it is a rarity. Who is to say that the climate as it exists today is the ideal climate, and that all the others were not?

But here is the thing. I believe in God, maker of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen. God would not create a fragile system, knowing our propensity to screw things up. The global warming nutcases, and the green wackos on the other hand believe in the earth god, Gaia. Their religion has much in common with that of the ancient Egyptians. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh had to wake up before breakfast each day and preform a ritual which would "cause" the sun to rise. If he did not perform this ritual, the sun would not rise, and all would be lost. As we know today, the sun rises whether anyone calls it forth or not. Many other ancient religions had various forms of fertility rites, usually involving ritualized sex, because otherwise the crops would not grow. As we know now, plants will grow anyway.

Think about this, which type of God would you rather worship: a loving God who creates a universe where things happen whether or not the fickle people in charge do something or not, or one where your very existence is dependant on the likes of Al Gore?

Now, for those who say that my attitude means I don't have a responsibility toward the earth and its creatures, I say not so. I, and everyone else, have a responsibility to maintain our environment to the best of our ability, considering our economic wherewithall. We have an obligation not to pollute our waters, or our air. When we mine valuable substances from the earth, we have an obligation to leave the site substantially as we found it. We do not have an obligation to not mine at all. To deliberately not use resources which we have been provided, and which could improve the lives of our fellow man is also a sin. When we burn fossil fuels, including coal, we have an obligation to clean up the soot before it goes into the air. But when we do not utilize resources that have been provided to us and for which we have the knowledge, we also sin. So, for instance, we should be making better use of nuclear power, and where appropriate, wind power. But a realistic reckoning will suggest that wind power is very limited on its own. We have an obligation to utilize animals for food, but not to mistreat them. And we must always understand that the rights granted to man have been granted because we alone of all creatures have a moral sense. It would be wrong to hold a dog guilty of murder, for instance, because the dog was just following instinct. Similarly, we can not allow dogs to run free in human society.

The above paragraph is provided for the obtuse. Everyone else realizes the truth of what I am saying here.

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