Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Government equates Constitutionalists with terrorists

Over the weekend, sources sent me a Homeland Security report intended for law enforcement cognizance titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

Of course, this would place Glenn Beck, Joe Sobran, Thomas Sowell, and a whole bunch of others, including me, on the terrorist watch list. I wonder if I can fly these days?

Please take note any who are reading: Wanting our government to return to Constitutional principles, and if you really think the Constitution has been superseded by some aspect of modern life ("well dude, they didn't have the internet back then") going to the trouble of actually seeking an amendment, is not the desire of terrorists, but of patriots.

Every time officials act to marginalize those of us working to return to Constitutional governance, they merely raise suspicions that they are acting to steal the very liberties we believe them to be stealing. When jurist seek foreign precedents when there are none here to support their beliefs, when the government takes over banks by threatening them, when the President fires a CEO of a private company, when Congress first creates the conditions for a recession, then authorizes trillions of dollars we don't have in bailouts for companies that should go bankrupt, and the Federal Reserve monetizes that debt thereby ensuring massive inflation, we have surely abandoned Constitutional governance. To be honest, we have abandoned any notion of good governance or propriety ever proposed.

When the Congress insists, despite the clear wishes of the people, that we must have amnesty for people who are breaking our laws by entering illegally, while we are told that we must obey every jot and tittle, is it any wonder that folks may be getting just a tad touchy? When people see that the Supreme Court tells property owners they have no rights to their property if a city wants to take it to turn it over to someone who will pay more taxes, is it any wonder that folks might be mad? When the Administration argues before the Court that all the existing gun laws should remain in place, do you think we might just be a little bit suspicious of what they may have been planning? When the Administration argues before the Court that books can, in fact, be banned, do you think we might be wondering if they want to shut us up?

If the above sounds like a long list of grievances and abuses, it is.

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