Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Vetoes Religion in the Public Square-If That Religion is Christian

Ken Connor has today's highlighted piece from, entitled Obama Vetoes Religion in the Public Square. The One, in order to speak at Georgetown University, a Catholic Institution, demanded that the religious signs and fixtures be taken down or covered up. The reasoning was:

Apparently, Mr. Obama believes that if you want to present your religious views in the public square, you must remove all statements that contradict or criticize any other religion or belief.

Apparently also, this only applies to religious beliefs. Notice how the Liberal World View is so compartmentalized? There is no guiding principles holding it together. Rather, it is made up of a bunch of hastily and poorly thought out opinions on various topics. The fact is that some religions contain truth and others do not. Is there any "truth" to be had in paganism, animism, voodoo, or devil worship? If you would defend these things as containing "truth" you must do more than say that some people believe it. But the fact of the Risen Christ changing people for the better can not be denied. I say this as a poor sinner who has had doubts, and who still has them at times.

But, the more amazing thing is that Georgetown University would be willing to do such a thing.

Georgetown is a Jesuit University founded in 1789, and yet its administrators were willing to hide the school's religious identity in order to land a popular guest. Patrick Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society, understands the situation well: "It is such a sad commentary that Catholic universities are willingly hiding the most visible signs of their Catholic identity when hosting secular leaders. What's next, will Notre Dame cover images of Jesus and Mary and ban rosaries when they honor President Obama next month?"


I am not Roman Catholic, but instead a Lutheran, but Catholics have been a great bulwark in our common struggle teach the gospel to all the lands, but it begins to look like they are crumbling. Perhaps the new Pope can take a corncob and turpentine to the rear ends of the Catholic priests in charge of both Georgetown and Notre Dame. Yes, it's fine to have a speaker like "The One" at your University. Students need to be exposed to all ideas. But what the University holds out as Truth should ever be before the students. And The One should not get away without being challenged. After all, the Catholics have the Lord and 2000 years on their side, while The One has 100 years of failed attempts on his. How easy could this be?

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