Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Truth About the TEA Parties

Lets start out with Kevin McCullough, writing a piece called Why Liberals Despise American Patriots. First McCullough takes MSNBC to the woodshed for allowing erstwhile actress and commentator, Janeane Garaofalo, to lie about the TEA parties held on April 15th. Then he proceeds to set the record straight. Best estimates now are that there were at least 1 million participants at the 2800 TEA parties sponsored across the country. An incredible turnout. And more are planned for the 4th of July.

Then again some pulled pork on July 4th does sound mighty tasty!

Sounds good to me too!

Kevin also debunks the myths circulating in the MSM circles that the TEA parties were planned and staged by the GOP. What a laugh! The GOP hasn't been able to plan a demonstration since they worked so hard to free the slaves back in 1850s. Here's a prediction: if Micheal Steele remains as Chairman of the RNC, George W. Bush will be the last GOP President. The TEA parties have tapped into a visceral something, and will eventually form a third party which will siphon off both Democrats and Republicans to the consternation of both parties.

Next up is Steve Chapman, with The Truths Behind the TEA Parties. Chapman is a little more circumspect in his analysis, but states the real problem that Obama has caused:
The scale of the federal response to the crises has come as a frightening surprise to many Americans, who suspect the cure will be worse, and less transitory, than the disease.
He could also have said that many people feel that their liberties are slowly draining away as well, that there will be nothing left for their children and grandchildren. Whatever you call it, it is definitely taking us to the left, and most Americans are not, at heart, leftists.

Go and read both.

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