Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Salt of the Earth Are the Ones that Count

 I was riding back from Wilmington, NC today, when we briefly got into a discussion of international affairs.  I mentioned that at least the South and Central American dictators were just plain corrupt.  They didn't have an ideology attached to their corruption that made them even more dangerous.  My companion for the day dryly said, "Unlike our own politicians."  He was right, of course.

Today, at the American Thinker Spruce Fontaine has a post entitled The world has only 5.000 people that matter. It's a provocative titled, no? But as you will see if you read the post, the idea that there are only a few people that matter is a view shared by the self anointed about themselves.

Politicians are almost never working for us. Don't confuse a bill to reduce America's tax burden to revive a faltering economy with the elected officials themselves. Politicians work for themselves, period. If something worthwhile happens, it's like fruit beverage production; you can make beauty products out of the leftovers. How often do you hear politicians proffer "getting back to doing the work of the American people"? Both sides of the aisle use the phrase. What actually are they "getting back" from?
The thing is that working for the American people simply does not pay well enough. It's Marxism for the public servant class. Beginning with Bill and Hillary, public servants began to see themselves as the schlub proletariat doing all the work while the elites reaped enormous profits from the policy deck–stacking for which the wealthy donated. Thousands of dollars–a-plate fundraisers soon seemed like ancient small potatoes as the tech giants measured their own jaw-dropping GDPs as bigger than Italy, Brazil, Canada, and Russia. The political class wants Washington, D.C. to be Palo Alto on the Potomac, having what the elite benefactors have. In other words, the elected want to be the elect having almost nothing to do with us Americans in outer darkness.
What used to be cozy financial arrangements for the capital's political denizens have morphed into mega-wealth strategies. The staged Capitol insurrection, the private security firm Capitol Police, and the barbed wall around the nation's capital are the neo-medieval fortress. I am convinced of the elites' abhorrence of all things not them. Hatred is the tool the political elite use to divide and subjugate. For the rarefied gentry, this strategy means to sweep us, the peasants, out of their kingdom so they control and limit contact with us.
To find out where the titled comes from, you need to read Fontaine's post. Meanwhile, let me say here that the real people who matter are those that get up and go to work every day, that keep our economy running. The people that the Bible calls the salt of the earth are the ones that really count.

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