Saturday, November 21, 2020

Cold Fury

Andrea Widburg at the American Thinker has another article discussing Sydney Powell's interviews, this time with Glenn Beck and with Newsmax. The article is entitled Sydney Powell has expanded on the scope of the Dominion scam. I think Widburg does a good job of presenting the facts, as they are now known, and includes the two interviews as well. I can't add anything to these, so I urge readers to read the article, and watch the two interviews.  Powell, by the way, plans to file a Federal lawsuit this coming week, which will answer to which case the various affidavits are evidence.

Rather than tell you what Widburg has already said, let me take time to express my anger. Powell expresses her anger, and I sense that she, a lawyer, may be at a loss for words. For myself, my anger is of the type known as "cold fury." I have in the past been at the stage of slow boil, but now with these revelations, I have become icy cold.  

That this system has been used who knows where around the world, to elect which undeserving Socialist candidate is upsetting.  (And make no mistake, Dominion was created to elect Socialists.)  That it is turned on the United States to put a doddering old man in the early stages of senility, and his incredibly unappealing partner with no ideas of her own  in the White House is terrifying.  And note that Powell indicates that some of the apparent hundreds of affiants may have to hire body guards because their lives and those of their loved ones are at risk.  What does that say about the Democrat party, that they would stoop to murder to preserve their ill gotten gains.  Sounds like we are taking about the mafia, not a political party.

Meanwhile, every news outlet is saying that Biden is the President Elect, and that Trump should concede.  I, for one, do not think he should concede, and I am very disappointed with Fox News.  There were an acknowledged 73 million Trump voters, and if Powell is correct, that number may be as high as 80 million.  Do we not deserve to feel that our votes were counted fair a square?  In other words, that no fraudulent ballots cancelled our votes?   No dead voters, for example.  Or double voters.  Or even worse, having someone else steal a voters identity and vote in their name.  There are apparently affiants who have attested to that fact.  Even more, that there was were no shenanigans with the counting of ballots by partisan poll workers?  I don't even think I can trust the Left wing MSM to tell me the honest truth about today's weather forecast, let alone give me the straight scoop on the Chinese virus.  How then can I trust what they say about President Trump?

Then there are the law enforcement agencies that apparently have known that Dominion exists, that it is designed to rig elections, and yet have allowed it to be purchased by 28 States.  This is, literally, foreign interference in American elections...for real...not some trumped up Russia collusion hoax.   Yet none have done a thing about any of it.  Oh, and, who knows, it may be a coincidence, but Dominion had offices in the same Toronto building as a Soros group.  Don't think law enforcement didn't know that too?  How is it that Soros, who has allegedly done so many wicked crimes throughout the world, is still operating?  He must be the luckiest man alive.  But of course we all know he is not that lucky.  If you or I did the things he has done, we would have been jailed for life at the very least.  You draw your own conclusions. 

And then, there is William Barr and the Durham investigation.  2 years, several million dollars, and one single indictment of a low level lawyer.  All of the principals, get off scot free.  Are these guys free to come back in a Biden administration?  Where is the justice?

Further, I don't think I am alone in feeling this way.  I suspect there a 70 million others who feel the same way.  Republicans, are you listening?  We are not going away. 

Incidentally, Kurt Schlichter's novel Peoples Republic is beginning to look like the manual for how to govern a country rather than a cautionary tale.

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