Thursday, November 19, 2020

Why we keep moving leftward

As a Constitutional conservative, I have wondered for years why it is that no matter how we vote, our country nevertheless marches in a leftward direction.  The latest example is, of course, Obamacare.  It is a deeply unpopular program.  The DemocRats shoved it down our throats.  We were so outraged we turned the Congress over to the Republicans, on the assurance that they would repeal it.  Surprise, it is still around.  Indeed, every socialist idea is still around, and often the stupid party adds to them.  None of them, from Social Security, to Medicare and Medicaid, and the Great Society give aways has ever been repealed.  Why is that?

Allen Gindler finally has the answer at the American Thinker today entitled News Flash: Most Republicans Are Socialist, Too

The poison of socialism has been injected continuously into the healthy body of American capitalism since the first part of the 20th century. You may be surprised, but the obligatory minimum wage rate is socialism; the proportional taxation system is socialism; rampant unionization including law enforcement and government employees is socialism; even mandatory car insurance is socialism. The list can go on for several pages. Evolutionary socialism has been overlooked and has now penetrated all spheres of life. Now we vividly see the dramatic changes in the educational system, which became the indoctrination machine; in media, which became a socialist propaganda wing; and in Hollywood, which became an adherent of Soviet socialist realism.
The hidden evolutionary path is coming to an end, and Democrats have shown their real intentions. Either the left is establishing socialism, or the American people will finally defeat them. But here is the problem that brings us to the second explanation of the current struggle. Socialists were able to bring in pieces of socialism and reform the country's laws because the U.S. has lacked a robust right-wing party. It could be argued that the Republican Party is the right, but their position on the right is simply relative to that of the Democrats. Across the political spectrum, Republicans are center-left at best. They could neither recognize nor roll back the socialist transformation in American society. If they were genuinely right, we would not be fighting socialism in the early 21st century.
The actual right party is a party that advocates for individual and economic freedom, supports the American constitution, and recognizes American exceptionalism. Perhaps the American people still hold to these ideas, but the Republican Party does not reflect them in their deeds...
We need to find more candidates that believe in individual rights, and the Constitution. I really can't think of anyone, other than Ted Cruz who pays attention to the Constitution. Perhaps Rand Paul. But there is a lot that the Federal Government gets into that is none of the Federal Government's business, including abortion, any form of charity at taxpayer expense such as Social Security, any form of welfare. The Citizen's United decision was decided correctly because it followed the Constitution. Obergefell v. Hodges on the other hand was not.

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