Saturday, November 21, 2020

More Cold Fury

 Speaking of cold fury, there is a blog by that name,  Cold Fury, whose subtitle is "harshing your mellow" or during the holidays, "bah-ing your humbug," but I digress.

At Cold Fury there is an article taken from a post at OpsLens entitled Do What You're Told Hypocrisy.
When Americans realize that these mandates really have nothing to do with safety and health, but everything to do with compliance and control, is it really supposed to shock or disturb us when they tell the government to get bent?
Am I supposed to believe the same media that suppressed the biggest story in our lifetime about how a father used his son as a money mule to cash out on a Ponzi scheme with foreign adversaries to this country as he compromised the national security of America and sold us out as the Vice President of the United States? The same media that prematurely called an election for the highest office in the world, ignoring the fact that no state had certified their poll numbers, massive fraud is suspected and men married to Democratic senators sit on the board of directors of a computer company that supposedly mistakingly glitched taking votes away from Donald Trump and giving them to Joe Biden?
You know, so forgive me if I don’t cower before my master, cover my face with a mask that isn’t backed up by any scientific data, close down my business and lock myself inside for the winter because I’m told to by the same people who’ve attempted multiple times to unseat a duly elected president by manufacturing lies about racism, misogyny and Ukrainian phone calls while corrupt establishment deep state politicians organize a fourth attempt at a coup de’ etat.
Please go read the whole thing. The sarcasm and snark of the article matches the in your face hypocrisy of the media and the Governors issuing these "orders." In many cases there is no, or quite suspect authority for them. To be sure, Governors have temporary authority when public safety is threatened. But clearly, at this point, public safety is not threatened, yet these weasels continue to pretend it is so they have a fig leaf to cover their fascistic orders. It all just adds to the cold fury building in half the country.

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