Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 I have to keep my anger under control, because the fact that the Democrat party has become the party of the Left and in the process, has truly become the party of evil, is still not widely known.  If you get your news and view of the world from the MSM, you are getting only half of the story.  But, the truth is that the Democrat party has indeed become the party of the Left, and truly is attempting to destroy Christianity, and Judaism just as they tried in the old Soviet Union, and the are doing in Communist China today.

For a clear eyed look at what the Democrat party has become, please read The Difficualt Way Forward, by Tom Meyer at the American Thinker today:
It used to be said that America was fortunate in that its politics were played between the 40-yard lines: that we agreed on the most important things and argued over the details within a small range of policies. That hasn’t been true for many years, the playing field being stretched as far as it can go. But the problem now is not that the playing field has expanded, the game itself has changed. The object of the game as well as the rules, are practiced very differently by the two sides.
Republicans are still playing the old politics about governmental efficiency and improving the American people’s lives. The Democrats are trying to destroy America and assume unlimited power over the American people. Republicans do everything within the confines of the Constitution and law. The Democrats are lawless and recognize no standard or precedent.
We should not persist in thinking of today’s Democrats as the American political party of old: Andrew Jackson, FDR, Harry Truman, JKF, etc. It is a radical atheist revolutionary party, more akin to the Nazi Party of Germany or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union than the Republican Party of today. The Democrats are utterly corrupt, power mad, and pitiless. They are trying to destroy the institutions of its country and replace them with totalitarianism. They do not wish to serve the American people, for whom they have nothing but contempt; they wish to enslave us.
Please go read the whole thing. Then read it again. Readers must understand that what is happening now is a revolution. Oh, so far it is a revolution with few deaths, but that is only because a large body count puts the "masses" off. They need to wait until the control everything to start with the "show trials" and "re-education camps" as well as just plain old executions. If they succeed, you can bet the bank that these and other unpleasantness will follow.

All the preceding is to set up the fact that one of the things the Left intends to do is eliminate Christmas, Thanksgiving, which are important holidays marking beloved points in the Liturgical year, but of course, the also intend to eliminate our celebration of the central remembrance for Christians, the celebration of Easter.  And now, I am not talking about Easter bunnies that deliver eggs (whoever thought that rabbits laid eggs?)  

Fay Voshell has an article today at the  American Thinker entitled First The Came For Thanksgiving; Now They Are Coming For Christmas
If readers are finding a certain commonality among the former apparatchiks of the USSR, the communist overlords of CCP and the killers of Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer in America, perhaps it is because they see killjoys like Oregon’s and California’s governors just may be under the influence of similar socialist/communist ideologies. All variants of such ideologies specialize in suffocating joy.
Of course, they can try, but Christians know how it will turn out, and so we are necessarily joyful. But the future looks bleak, and Christians necessarily may be worried for their children and grand children. I know I am. But we must, MUST resist. Each day I pray, I lay my concerns before my God, but then leave it with the prase "not my will, but Your Will be done." Still, sometimes Christians can feel that the Church doesn't necessarily have their backs:
Also worthy of note: By and large, the church did not stand up to protect its right to celebrate Easter. We can charitably assume many clergy were operating under the illusion that the Covid-19 crisis would pass and that things would soon return to normal. The initial threat may have been seen as exceedingly ominous. It seemed understandable that services were temporarily suspended for a few weeks.
But now?
Surely now church leaders can see Covid-19 regulations and directives are a mask for dictatorial measures. If they don’t, they may be either willfully blind or allied with the Left. One thing is clear: Tyrannical governors and mayors are using the fear of the virus to make sure the bulk of the populace are paralyzed from gathering together in any way, including gathering to worship.
Unfortunately, the church has long been subject to secularist ideological infiltration. But now, literally muted by the orders of state and city governors bent on suppressing freedom of religion, it may be assumed that once again, there won’t be much opposition when and if Christmas is cancelled. Instead, might the State expect full cooperation with all its directives?
It appears it will remain for the Christian underground and other resistors to stand up and be counted. It will be the task of Christians to understand the Left is and always has been committed to the death of God and of joy. Certainly, those who believe the celebration of the incarnation of Christ should not be impeded by the State must stand up.

There may be some good news, as long as the Supreme Court remains with a conservative majority.  In New York, the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty has a suit pending in the Supreme Court   The story can be found at The Federalist entitled Will The Supreme Court Finally Defend Religions Liberty From Pandemic Tyrants? We shall see. But whether or not the Supreme Court upholds the Constitution of not, We must answer to a higher power. Today, we give thanks for all the blessings God has given us. But we must also go forth as happy warriors of Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, I have to get ready for some turkey.

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