Saturday, November 7, 2020

Trump Is Right To Fight For This Election. He Is Fighting It For Us.

 Trumps is right, of course, that the election is being stolen from him.  Worse, it appears it is being stolen by the Deep State using software developed by the CIA for use in other countries.  Now, I certainly don't condone stealing the election of other countries' leaders, so I am certainly appalled that it appears to be happening here.  Whomever is doing this, they are clearly traitors, and deserve to be tried as such.

First, let us turn to Andrea Widberg, writing at the  American Thinker in a post entitled Two so-called conspiracy theories may be true! Here's the pull quote:

The first theory holds that the Democrats are hacking the election using a supercomputer system called the Hammer. A CIA contractor named Dennis Montgomery created the system, and the Obama-Biden administration already weaponized it in 2012. The Hammer has an application called the Scorecard that invisibly tampers with computers when election data get transferred from one computer system to another
Of course, Widberg isn't the only one reporting this. No less than Sydney Powell, General Flynn's attorney has revealed that they have evidence of the use of Scorecard. Then there is Lt. General Tom McInnerney warning of Democrat election fraud using Scorecard. Ok, so that is actual evidence. But Trump supporters could smell a rat by looking at the timelines, and the vote counts. Marc Shepperd has an article over at the American Thinker in which he analyses precisely these very timelines and mathmatical impossibilities. The article is entitled American Coup Victims Will Not Go Quietly.
A record number of Americans fought an unusual number of hardships to make certain their voices were heard in the selection of our next president. And, given the stark difference in the candidates’ visions for America’s future and the growing national divide, that choice was surely not made lightly.
So, when we on the right observed one “irregularity” after another on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, what we needed were answers and transparency. What we got were evasions and coverups.
Keep in mind that we have endured over the past 4 years a seeming century’s worth of dishonesty, hoaxes, threats, wild conspiracy theories and widespread corruption from those on the left. Indeed, Liberals appear to have made sport of treating Donald Trump and his supporters much like a cat treats a litter-box. And we got the message: There is no limit to just how low they are willing to sink.
To get an idea of just how vanishingly small the probability of thousands of ballots appearing from a certain district in which all of the are for one candidate. Take a poll, as an example. Even relatively small polls with sample size in the 2 or 300 range will have a certain percentage for each candidate and of course there will always be the undecided, or "I don't know" group. But here, thousands of ballots magically appeared for Biden, none for Trump or the other candidates on the presidential ballot. This does not happen. Then you have to have this same phenomenon happen again and again in multiple states. It beggars belief!

As for those who keep saying "show me the evidence," it is there for anyone with eyes to see.  You are studiously ignoring it.

Unfortunately, I think Bill Barr has been running out the clock on investigating and convicting those who were in on the first coup against this President.  The lack of consequences has led to the enormity of this stolen election.  I don't think Trump has time enough left to get to the bottom of the enormity of what has been done to him, and consequently to what has been done to everyone who voted for him.  Our votes have been stolen.  We have all been disenfranchised.

In the 1960 election, the race was apparently stolen for Kennedy by the Chicago Democrat machine, who raises the dead long enough to vote for, who else, John Kennedy.  Richard Nixon decided to let it go, graciously conceding the election supposedly for the good of the country.  I say Balderdash!  A lot of people voted for Nixon, and if their votes were stolen, Nixon had an obligation to fight for them.  And if he had, we might not be in this predicament now.  Trump is right to fight this, because he is not just fighting for himself, but he is fighting for the millions who showed up to vote for him.  We deserve better.

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