Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Soap Box and the Ballot Box Have Been Stolen From Us...

 Andrew Pollack yesterday had an article up at in which he points out that these are the times when the Second Amendment is most needed. He also notes that the rights guaranteed in Second Amendment, like the Rights guaranteed in the other Amendments, are given to individuals by Our Creator, not by government. Only God himself can take these away. (For the record, I would point out as well that the life of the unborn is similarly granted by God, and only God has a right to take it away. No human has that right.)

Pollack's article, entitled A Dark Moment For Democracy Affirms the Need for the Second Amendment, first sets the table:
Shortly before the election, Biden tweeted that he would ban “assault weapons,” implement “universal background checks,” and enact other allegedly “common sense” gun reform laws.
If he proves the victor, and the Democrats win the remaining races in Georgia, America will see an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment. A Biden Department of Justice would try to bankrupt gun manufacturers in court. And gun confiscation would be on the table, given that Biden has promised to put Beto O’Rourke, who famously said “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15s,” in charge of his administration’s gun policies.
Fortunately, over the last six months gun sales – especially to first-time gun-buyers – have shattered all historic records. This is because for hundreds of thousands of Americans, 2020 has settled the gun control arguments they hear so often in the media. The question “what could anyone need an AR-15 for?” has been answered by images of store owners standing guard against a mob with that gun as their neighbor’s businesses burned to the ground.
Pollack goes on to note that the argument that we can rely on the police to protect us has been thoroughly debunked by the fact that the police stood by while these businesses were burned to the ground. And of course, when a Trump supporter was murdered, the police were nowhere to be found. But then, the police have never been in place to guard our individual lives. That is our job. The police are there to protect the public at large. They do this by investigating a crime after it has been committed (unless it's a crime committed by Democrats...), and assigning to the Courts the job of deciding the guilt of innocence of the alleged perpetrators. In finding and punishing the perpetrators, they make it safer for all of us. 

Pollack is quick to note that our Founding Fathers, those all to fallible men who nonetheless wrote an inspired framework for our Republic, also studied history:
Our founding fathers placed the right to keep and bear arms second, just after the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, in the Bill of Rights because they studied enough history to know what tyrannical governments can and will do to an unarmed populace. Because of their wisdom, America never descended into the totalitarian horrors experienced by our counterparts in Russia, Germany, France, and China.
The Second Amendment is not, of course, the sole reason why America has been exceptional in this regard. Our separation of powers, checks and balances, emphasis on federalism and decentralization, combined with a citizenry that prided itself in temperance, prudence, hard work, and fear of G-d all taken together have been a bulwark against tyranny. Unfortunately, however, as has long been the case in other countries, there is now a powerful force working its way through our government that sees all of these civic institutions and virtuous dispositions as problems that must be eradicated along the road to a utopia.
Speaking of the horrors that awaited other nations when their governments turned tyrannical, I would advise you to look at what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to do. I would say that those being targeted for Stalinist show trials might want to take advantage of the Second Amendment.

When the soap box and the ballot box have been taken from you,,, you still get to vote.

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