Sunday, November 22, 2020

Stop Being A Bunch Of Soy Boys

 We have two to share today.  The first up is an article at the  American Thinker by Eric Utter entitled From "Don't tread on me" to obsequiousness Utter is expressing my own feel that somehow men have become, or at least are being treated as children. And guess what, they are playing the part! We seem to have become a nation of soy boys.

As a result, too many sheeple people have no idea what’s happening around them.
What is most remarkable to me, however, is that the majority of people don’t see that masks are, literally, an in-your-face symbol of our rulers’ control over us. They tell us to cover our mouths and shut the hell up, and the vast majority of us do as we are told, unquestioningly. Unbelievable. Even some Europeans have been revolting against mask mandates. But we Americans have been good little compliant chumps. (Except for Antifa and BLM, but those groups are anti-American and, as such, are sanctioned by our elite Democratic politicians and their sycophants in the media.)
Does anyone seriously believe Washington, Adams, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, et. al., would have donned masks had George III mandated that the colonists do so? Inside their own homes as Pennsylvania now demands of its citizens? The answer to that question goes a long way towards unmasking why our leftist leaders detest them so much.
Americans have gone from telling oppressive governments “Don’t Tread on Me” to telling them: “You want me to obstruct my breathing apparatus and never leave my home for a year or two? Okay, I’ll do it. Anything else, master?”
As I said, it seems as if we have become a bunch of soy boys. And our Democrat overlords certainly hope it's true. Fortunately, as I drive around the State, the further away from Raleigh you get, the less people seem to be wearing masks. However, I see far too many waling outside or riding bicycles wearing masks. May their chains rest lightly on their shoulders.

Secondly, there is an article at The Federalist by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch entitled Politictians Aren't Canceling TheirCelebrations and Gatherings, And Neither Am I. Loesch writes about the tragic effects of the lockdowns on family and friends. In my own case, I have an aunt who died during the summer, and whose funeral was a zoom meeting. My niece recently got married, but my brother and his wife were kept away by a travel ban issued by the Governor of Pennsylvania. One envisions State Police standing guard at the borders asking for "Papers please?" This isn't Constitutional and probably there is no authority for such a ban, but that doesn't stop these Democrat tyrants.

Loesch writes poignantly of the effects the lockdowns have had on her own family.  She points out that her children need contact with the rest of the family.  More importantly, they need the examples she and other family members provide.  I could not help but identify with Loesch's family.

She closes with this: 
More than anything else, I am sick of being told I don’t have the right of risk when risk is part of freedom. I will not be lectured by people who say that eating in a restaurant with health protocols is riskier than shutting down the largest economy in the world. I won’t be bullied by bureaucrats who say it’s risker to reopen schools than to force an entire generation into lockdown for nearly a year, stunting them in every way but loneliness. I will not be shamed by lawmakers who don’t follow their own rules. I won’t be preached at by pundits too purposefully obtuse to see nuance over their partisanship.
I am going to host my parents for Thanksgiving, and I hope to host my in-laws for Christmas. I will continue living as a free and responsible American with liberties for which my family has taken bullets and mine shards, until the day comes that our government wants to stage a modernized version of 1776 by trying to end that perfectly wonderful freedom.
And, of course, that is always what the tyrants say, "It's for your own good. We'll take the risk for you, so you don't have to." But, here's the thing. Tjese Governors can't take the risks for us, for anything. There is no such thing as a risk free life. Indeed, weighing risks and rewards is the job of every adult. In claiming to take on the risk, or eliminate it, they try to infantilize us.

Given that the virus has a 99.98% survival rate, and given that masks have not been shown to stop the spread of the virus, we should resist the mask mandates and the lockdowns.  Moreover, we should celebrate and give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday.  Oh, and stop being a bunch of soy boys.

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