Saturday, November 28, 2020

Do You Want to Live Under Such Sick and Twisted Men

 William Sullivan had an article at the American Thinker yesterday entitled Time To Abolish Unconstitutional and Useless Mask Mandates. Of course, the Federal Government has no such power to dictate a mask mandate. Whether the States can make such demands for a public health emergency is more problematic. But we are long past this being an emergency. Oh, and while the media and public health officials seem to treat the Chinese virus as if it were the Bubonic Plague, which killed 30% of the population, the Chinese virus killes 0.02%, making the Chinese virus 1,500 times less deadly.

Still, every Governor has extremely limited emergency powers. The key words here are "extremely limited." After, usually a month or so, the governor who wants to extend such emergency measures must seek legislation. The fact that no Governor has sought such legislation shows that they don't think the legislature would go along.  That is very telling.

But beyond all that is the fact that masks have been shown, again, to be useless in preventing the virus from infecting anyone:
Americans were marvelously struck to find that a new Danish study all but proves that masking is useless. But the real marvel is that Americans managed to be struck by this. Until a few months ago, this fact was common knowledge among our countrymen, the inherited wisdom earned from a masking craze that took hold in the Spanish flu epidemic. Seemingly overnight, we'd forgotten what accepted scientific evidence had shown us for a century: that masks don't do much to help slow or limit respiratory viral spread.
The evidence that this year's reversal of scientific consensus is flawed exists all around us. Mask adherence is quite high in America and has been since at least the summer. Perhaps that's why states with mask mandates do not fare any better than states without mask mandates. But beyond that correlation, the only other significant conclusion to be drawn, as positive tests explode around the country, is that all this masking hasn't been the panacea we have all been promised by politicians and public health officials.
But what masks lack in practical efficacy, they make up for in political virtue. Not only do they serve as a constant public reminder that the deadliest plague in our lifetimes is among us (this is simply and provably untrue) and that your family and neighbors are the vectors, but they are a sign of your absolute submission to the technocratic status quo.
It is hard to see what has happened this year as anything other than a desperate scheme for control by totalitarian progressives. Consider how we've witnessed the dominoes fall.
And here, finally, is the real answer. They are trying to impose social control over all of us. Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out, right? But more than that, they want to be able to telll you wnat legal businesses you can engage in, where you can travel, with whom you may meet, and of course what religious services you can attend.

But truly, the list of things they want to be able to command you to do is endless. They don't believe, as our Founders did, that your rights are granted by God, and not government tyrants. By giving into their demands, we simply embolden the tyrants, who will keep adding demands. For historical examples, look up such personages as Stalin, Mao, Gaddafi, Chavez or Castro.  Do you really want to live under such sick and twisted men?  More to the point, do you want to die after being tortured for not following their arbitrary rules?

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