Wednesday, July 10, 2024

How Long O Lord...

 Andrea Widburg today at the American Thinker has several excellent points to make in her post The pro-life opposition to the new RNC platform is painfully naive. First, let me say that I believe that abortion is murder. A pre-born child is a person, no matter what you call him or her. Pro-aborts have called him a "clump of cells," indicated their extreme irreverence.  Medically, he is called a fetus. But each one of us is made in the image and likeness of God, according to Genesis, and the 5th Commandment states that you shall not murder. Killing an innocent person, whether pre-born or born is murder. It is to take a person's life without due process of the law.  Furthermore, claims of "my body my choice" are specious, because the child inside the mother is a different person, with a different set of DNA.  Abortion is simply unjustified murder, period.

Andrea Widburg starts out with the fact that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has just released its platform and there is no mention of abortion in it. Some Evangelicals are screaming about that fact. But the truth is that abortion is not a federal issue. It never was. In repealing Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court sent the issue back to the states where it belongs. Some states, where Christianity is strongest, strictly limited abortion. Unfortunately, no states have outlawed it completely.  Some states, where Satan reigns, have allowed abortion up to the moment of birth. Sad. But it needs to be fought at the state level. In a country as big as the United States is, we cannot fight out everything at the national level.  Indeed, we already have too many federal laws (but that is a topic for another day).

You can read the 16-page, small-font 2024 Republican platform here. However, if you don’t want to, Wayne Allyn Root summarizes the core principles in the platform under the heading “Trump chose the issues a huge majority of American voters agree on”:
-Seal the border and stop the foreign invasion (Trump already did it once before).
-Deport tens of millions of these foreign invaders, rapists, murderers, terrorists and welfare addicts out of America.
-Create prosperity for middle class families by ending inflation (Trump already did it once before).
-Slow massive out-of-control spending and debt.
-Drill, drill and keep drilling until we are energy independent and the largest energy producer in the world (Trump already did it once before).
-Cut taxes for workers and no tax on tips for service workers!
-Make America the manufacturing power of the world.
-Prevent WW3 and produce peace around the globe (he already did it once before).
-Protect free speech, freedom of religion and the right to own guns.
-Never again allow government to censor, ban, or persecute the American people.
-Lock up violent criminals and deport illegal alien criminals.
-Protect the U.S. dollar and our status as “world reserve currency.”
-Kill regulations strangling our economy- like electric car mandates.
-Keep men out of women’s sports.
-Cut federal funding for any school, college or institution that brainwashes students with CRT, DEI, and transgender ideology.
-Deport pro-Hamas protestors on college campuses who preach violence, hate Jews, and chant “death to America.”
-Secure our elections with Voter ID (just like Mexico has) and proof of citizenship.
-Strengthen our military, protect Social Security and Medicare at all costs, and rebuild our cities that have been destroyed by Democrat policies.
-Unite our country.
Root is right: These are issues that appeal to most Americans, including their dislike for the Hamasniks and the alphabet-soup people taking over American education. It’s a pro-American platform that cuts across racial, geographic, and economic divides. It’s a broad-based MAGA winner, and anyone who wants to see the Democrat party harried (politically) from pillar to post should be happy with it.

The next point Widburg makes is that there seems to be no strategy with specific goals for each state to win the fight to end abortion.

I think this speaks to a deep political naivete that characterizes conservatives on so many issues. They have goals but lack both strategy (the big plan to achieve the goal) and tactics (the specific steps in the plan). In this, they differ greatly from Democrats who, up until they painted themselves in a corner by backing a puppet with dementia, have proven to be exemplary strategists and tacticians.

May I suggest that the people who want to get abortion out of the United States take a look at the gun lobby that has over the years first made concealed carry "shall issue a permit" under certain circumstances in an overwhelming number of states and are now making "Constitutional carry" available in a majority of states. But it has taken decades.  The first "shall issue" laws were passed in Indiana in 1980.  While the National Rifle Association has stood as the lightning rod for the anti-gunners to rail against, it was state organizations like the Virginia Citizens Defense League and Grass Roots North Carolina that carries the ball in each state. The NFA is often at odds with state level organizations, sad to say.

Each state organization has specific goals, tactics, a lobbying arm. Most are manned (and womened) by committed volunteers. We work tirelessly to maintain and expand the rights of citizens to carry and use guns for self defense. But one must realize that God does the actual work. So it will be with those fighting to rid the nation of the scourge of abortion. We can pray every day, do what we can do, but ultimately it is the LORD who will push it out from among us. As the Psalmist says in Psalms 13 "How long O LORD..."

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