Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Black Gun Ownership Is Soaring. Yawn

One of the things I believe is that we should always make common cuase with people who have common interests. That does not mean we should buy into their other nutty ideas, but we can work together on that which we mutually believe. So, for instance, while I don't agree with Naomi Wolf on most things, I agree with her that vaccine passports violate constitutional rights and should not be implemented either by government or private companies. Similarly, while I don't agree with the gay lifestyle, I agree that they should have guns for personal defense, because they are often targeted by bigots. When I meet one of the Pink Pistols, again on this issue, I make common cause.

So, it was with great interest that I read an article by Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms entitled the Left Thought Conservatives Would Freak Out About Black Gun Owners. They Were Wrong. Now, the truth is I have a lot more in common with everyday Black people than I do with White Leftists. But the same holds true when it comes to guns. People need guns for self defense. Period. Women need guns, and should train with them and carry them everywhere. I applaud Blacks who acquire guns because there is much pressure for them not to do so. And of course, those of Latin background or Asians. All people. Period. Indeed, I even think Leftists should have guns, as long as they aren't too crazy.

See, black men are the people statistically most likely to be shot and killed. Yes, many of those happen to be involved in gang activity, but many others are either bystanders or are unfortunate souls who confront criminals and get shot for their trouble. They’re good, decent people who should have the means to defend themselves, but often live in communities where that’s discouraged or even illegal.
That’s not right.
For me, I want to see every law-abiding citizen armed, both inside the home and outside of it. If all the good guys have guns, the bad guys have much more limited options, and violent crime all but vanishes. It won’t disappear completely, because that’s not human nature, but it will be such a pathetically low amount that it won’t even matter.

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