Friday, April 16, 2021

What Does the Lack of Serious Leaders Say About Us?

 Yesterday I had a guitar lesson with my music teacher, who, while an excellent teacher, is also a left wing Democrat.  I knew that he was one who had watched exclusively the MSM, CNN and MSNBC, and so he was one who was absolutely terrified of the Chinese virus.  So, I ask him each time we start a lesson whether he has gotten a shot yet.  He finally reported several weeks ago that he had had the first shot.  Yesterday, he reported that he had now had his second shot.  I was happy for him.  Then he asked if I had had a shot, to which I reported that I was hesitant to take one, given the mixed messages being sent by the government.  At this, he stated that I must believe all the "Republican conspiracy theories."  At the time I said I did not know whereof he spoke.

But, on reflection, which I did not have time to do at the time, the problem of conspiracy theories being held by politicians elected to Congress of all places, lies on both sides.  Now, hear me out.

Over at CNN and MSNBC, they no doubt are constantly pointing out the silliness coming from Marjorie Taylor Green on the Republican side.  She definitely believes in a number of conspiracies that embarrass serious conservatives.  And I am sure there are others.  We generally ignore them, or avert our eyes.  But "the squad" is equally guilty of believing equally dumb ideas.  Members of "The Squad" for example have expressed belief in Anti-Semitic ideas.  But the MSM ignores these deviations from polite society, while of course Fox News highlights them.  And since Dr. Fauci is a Democrat in good standing, the constant flip flops in his positions, and the frankly illogic of many of them go unreported in the MSM, CNN, and MSNBC, while these same flaws in Dr. Fauci are highlighted on Fox.

Now, I understand that people on the Left and people on the Right have very different underlying philosophies, which means that given the same facts, we will each come to different conclusions.  And while this fundamental difference will always be there, it is exacerbated by the often odd people who find themselves in office at all levels.  Today, at The Federalist Jordan Gehrke has an article entitled Why Washinton DC Is A Magnet for Crackpots, Corrupt-o-crats, and Conspiracy Theorists?.

A big part of the upheaval we’re experiencing in American politics is because the leadership of both parties lacks any coherent vision. Far too many care more about getting re-elected, their lobbying gig, or their cable TV contract than they do, say, figuring out how we defeat China in the long term, not to mention telling voters the truth about our crippling debt.
Never mind solving big problems, the leaders of these parties can’t even keep their own caucuses in line.
Flake still has no idea why so many Americans voted for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in 2016. The diagnosis the two candidates arrived at, however, was quite similar: “Washington politicians are idiots, and they don’t care about you.”
If you’re a member of the political class who thinks Sanders and Trump are crazy, you need to ask yourself why they were so popular. Whatever else one could say about those guys, they at least made working people believe they cared about them, and they had plans — “Make Mexico Pay for the Wall” and “Tax the Millionaires and Billionaires,” to name just two — no matter how foolish or silly you might think those plans were.
It’s like this: if your wife is having an affair with a homeless meth addict, it’s time to look in the mirror and at least consider whether you’re a lousy husband.
You need to read the entire article, for what it says about our supposed "leaders" is profound. They are monumentally unserious, from President Asterisk, to the Giggling Vice President, to the Speaker of the House, who doesn't represent the majority of Americans but rather the most Left wing congressional district in the most Left wing state in America. I was not a fan of Trump, but in a contest between a Left wing supporter of Saul Alinski, or (sigh) Trump, I was forced to go with Trump. But where are the Statesmen, the poaple who focus on reality, on the art of the possible? Where are the people who recognize that to avoid war, prepare for it? People who understand that our military of necessity can not be "politically correct," and frankly, no one else should be either?

And what does the lack of serious leaders say about us?

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