Sunday, March 28, 2021

By Any Means Necessary

 Have I stated before in this format that the Biblical book of Exodus is actually everyone's story?  I think I have, but could not point to it, so I will say it today.  Everyone is a slave to sin, and only God can save you.  In the Exodus, God brought His people out of bondage in Egypt.  This salvation is celebrated every year in the feast of the Passover.  Now, sometimes our Creator is subtle or obscure, but this time he wanted to make the point very clear, so he arranged the execution of His only son on the Friday after Passover, only to raise Him from the dead the following Sunday.  Thus he tied the two events together.  The first Passover was to free Israel from bondage to Egypt, the second Passover was to free all of us from sin.

For those who are not religious, today is Palm Sunday, the anniversary of the day our Lord, Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.  As Jesus entered, riding on an ass, the foal of an ass, the crowds laid down palm fronds before the Lord.  The following Thursday He celebrated Passover with His disciples, before being captured and taken before the Sanhedrin.  On Friday He was executed on the cross, and the following Sunday He rose from the dead. 

Today, at the American Thinker, Carrie Lynn Caoili has an article entitled Learning the Lessons of Jewish History in which she points out similarities between Nazi Germany and today in the United States.

And now we face Passover 2021 in America. This year, we have more information about COVID. We know that it is far less deadly than we once feared and that there are proven treatments for those uncomfortable with the vaccine. There is even evidence (although it’s contested) that annual deaths have remained relatively consistent since 2016, even with the pandemic. Most recently the CDC statistics show that mask mandates only decreased the spread by a maximum of 1.8 percent.
Yet, for some reason, we are still in the same place that we were almost exactly one year ago. Businesses are still closed, and many have gone under. More than half our children are not in school full-time and many remain locked down. We are wearing masks and social distancing, and we still receive government warnings to avoid our family and friends on holidays for “fear of the spread.”
After a year, shouldn’t our fears have shifted? Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves if this is still about a scary virus that’s new and misunderstood? We now know that, for the overall population, while COVID deaths exceeded those from flu in the elderly, they were offset by the relative absence of any flu deaths. Cases and deaths are rapidly decreasing (see charts below with data from Bing on March 26), with hospitals struggling to keep staff. Few have become overrun.
Caoili goes on to describe the many similarities between Nazi Germany and the United States of 2021. Every tyranny needs enemies. For the Nazis it was the Jews. But what if they had run out of Jews to hate? Of course they would have had to find another enemy, another public enemy No. 1. But this virus is really the perfect enemy. First, a virus is constantly renewing itself through variants, so they never run out of enemies. Second, a virus is invisible, and only experts can detect this specific virus. Third, nearly any health issue a person might have can be a symptom of Covid, so there will always be people convince that they have the disease. In short, through the news media producing fear porn, they can keep enough of the people in such fear that they will give up their God given liberties to be saved from the enemy.

And the Democrats are preparing to take full advantage of the fear.

Vaccine passports and mask mandates are beginning to feel like “Star of David” armbands and camp tattoos, with a special interest in white men and conservatives. Will people who refuse to wear a mask, get the vaccine, have the wrong color skin, or fall on the wrong side of the political spectrum be forced to the fringes of society? Moved into internment camps? Where will the marginalization end?
We are being groomed as a society to see an “out” group that the MSM paints as dangerous, national enemies. These new “enemies” including people whom the government wants to put on a no-fly list merely because of their political leanings, or who’ve been assaulted, arrested, and refused service because they didn’t wear a mask.
What’s predicted for the “unvaccinated,” sounds a lot like what happened to the Jews at the beginning of the Holocaust. That started with propaganda that created fear towards a chosen target. Then escalated to a Star of David armband, papers, and a curfew to identify and control those “dangerous” members of society. The “out group” was then moved into ghettos so they “couldn’t harm fellow members of society.”
Dick Morris said You Will Be Made To Care, and those who will make you will use, as always, "any means necessary."

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