Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Woke Military As Silly As the Woke Left

 Kurt Schlichter, at today, laments that Our Military Suffers Yet Another Defeat...This Time to Tucker Carlson. Like a lot of Schlichter's writings, it is written with tongue-in-cheek, and yet he is deadly serious.

So, basically, Tucker Carlson – who they lambaste for being like the other ~92 percent of Americans who were never in uniform – would have done less damage running our formerly indomitable military than the perfumed princes who run it now. Yet these generals and senior NCOs who got and internalized the SJW memo are utterly clueless. They are more engaged and interested in fighting TV hosts who embarrass them by exposing their failures, and snipe hunting for mystery extremist boogeymen in the ranks, than in preparing to defeat China in high-intensity conventional combat.
Let’s get beyond their utter breach of tradition, and their unpunished breaking of the regulations banning political activity in uniform in general and information operation targeting of U.S. citizens in particular. Let’s instead focus on how crummy a job these generals and senior sergeants and their eager minions did doing it. They completely misunderstood the battlespace. They thought that all those Gallup polls listing “The Military” as America’s most respected institution would allow them to use their titles and uniforms and stuff leverage the support of the American people against this uppity pundit. But they totally failed, as usual. Citizens were outraged. Vets were livid – especially since we vets would have been handed our walking papers for this kind of garbage in our day.
You must understand that the traditional military has been immune to following the silliness of the wider society because if you are fighting an enemy up close and personal. When bullets are flying by your head, one must acknowledge reality or die, and soldiers tend to look at the world as it really is. But of course anyone who doesn't acknowledge the fantasy of the Left stands as a rebuke to these nut cases.

The Left is like the Emperor in the fable who believes those around him who falsely claim his "new clothes" look oh so stylish, to keep their heads, no doubt. It takes a child to point out that he is as naked as a jaybird, buck naked, naked as the day he was born.  Reality is a rebuke to this silliness.

So, the first thing we need to do is acknowledge reality.  Boys can not become girls by having various parts cut off.  Their DNA was set at conception, and will never change.  Oh, and women, on average, can not compete with men where physical strength and endurance is required.  That doesn't mean women should not be in the military, but let's use them in non combat roles.  Oh, and saying that the average young man is not physically fit enough is not an answer.  The military may need additional training time, but serious people know the requirements of serious warfare.
The Chinese are a serious military, devoted to one thing: winning the coming war against the United States. Our military leadership is not serious. It has lost its edge and devoted itself to social experimentation while cheerleading itself into thinking everything is A-okay. It’s not.
This comes from the top, but unfortunately the commander-in-chief is busy with a Matlock marathon while the people pulling his puppet strings are interested only in ensuring that the military is fully absorbed into the ranks of the woke institutions. How can you expect a civilian leadership in China’s pocket to prep to fight it?
Meanwhile, J. B. Shurk has an article at the American Thinker entitled Is D.C. Using Its 'Premeptive War' Strategy Against The States?
All the while, Congress primarily dedicates itself to figuring out how best to gut punch ordinary Americans while paying off its partners in crime, largely succeeding by passing a two trillion dollar blue state bailout and moving forward with legislation that punishes the religious faithful (H.R.5), gun owners (H.R.8), and dissident conservatives who refuse to shut up (H.R.1).
That’s a mouthful. And only the tip of the iceberg. For every monstrosity the Democrats drag forth before the public, they are pursuing another hundred out of the spotlight within the labyrinthine administrative state that makes law while no-one is looking. This administration is relentless in pursuing bad policies that hurt Americans and erode further the few constitutional bonds that keep the nation intact.
Which leads to a painful possibility:
I find myself asking the same questions millions of Americans now ask themselves: given this campaign of outright hostility toward the American people and general dereliction of duty to protect and defend the states, is the American government intentionally trying to provoke civil conflict? Are all these horrendous policies leading to armed confrontation against red state holdouts? Has D.C. transformed the Iraq War’s “Preemptive War” Doctrine into a plan of action against its own citizens?
As Schlichter makes clear, our military is not at this time capable of fighting a real war against a serious enemy like Communist China. They may not even be able to win a war against the Netherlands. But as has been shown time and time again, a joke of a military can still manage to fight against unarmed and disorganized civilians.

But you be the judge.  Go read both articles and decide.  The military is no longer to be trusted, just as the DOinJ or the FBI can no longer be trusted to fairly and evenly enforce the laws.  Lady Justice is no longer blind.  And now we can add the military to the ranks of the woke Left.

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